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Song Title


    Front Mission: Gun Hazard

    BRR Samples → Front Mission: Gun Hazard

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    Submission Details

    Name: Front Mission: Gun Hazard
    Author: h.carrell
    Version History: View
    Collection: Compilation
    Description: A compilation of the samples from Front Mission: Gun Hazard


    - Renamed Trumpet 3 to Muted Trumpet
    - Changed Metal Sound 7's tuning to $04 $8D
    - Added more ADSR values to the Alternate Envelopes text file, and arranged the samples in the file alphabetically.
    - Changed Cowbell.brr's ADSR to $FF $E0 and it's tuning to $04 $8D.
    - Moved all the Global samples to their own folder named Globals

    - Tuned most of the percussion samples to their original notes

    - Changed Factory thing.brr tuning to $04 $8D and changed the note in the !patterns text file to o3a.
    - Renamed Electric Bass.brr to Electric Guitar.brr and changed it's ADSR to $FF $EF
    - Changed Synth Bass.brr's ADSR to $FF $F1
    - Added a list of alternate ADSR envelopes that songs from the original Gun Hazard used
    - Changed Tom.brr tuning to $04 $8C
    - Added 2 more samples I forgot

    - Added 7 samples I forgot to rip
    - Changed Electric Bass.brr tuning to from $03 $79 to $03 $80

    - Initial Release
    Tags: brass section choir aahs church organ distortion guitar flute french horn kick nylon guitar percussive organ piano reed organ ride cymbal sawtooth sine wave snare string ensemble synth strings tambourine timpani tom
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    Comments (1)

     icrawfish From older version: Front Mission: Gun Hazard Link
    I'm impressed with this one. Very nice work!