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Playersounds Compiled '23

BRR Samples → Playersounds Compiled '23

Submission Details

Name: Playersounds Compiled '23
Author: Fullcannon
Version History: View
Collection: Compilation
Description: This is a new compiled sample collection, featuring 640 BRR samples of entertainment, sound effects and techniques achieved in the year of 2023, including drum kits.
Tags: acoustic bass acoustic piano alto sax applause banjo bass lead bowed glass pad cello chiffer lead clarinet clavinet contrabass crystal fx distortion guitar drawbar organ drums echoes fx electric piano explosion fantasia pad fingered bass flute french horn fretless bass glockenspiel gunshot halo pad honky-tonk piano ice rain fx jazz guitar kalimba koto laughing mandolin marimba music box nylon guitar oboe orchestral harp overdrive guitar panflute percussive organ pick bass pizzicato polysynth pad recorder sawtooth shakuhachi shamisen sine wave sitar soundtrack fx space voice pad square steel guitar stream string ensemble synth bass synth calliope synth choir synth strings telephone tenor sax timpani trombone trumpet tubular bell ukulele violin xylophone
Download 1.91 MiB | 79 downloads