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    ~omh~ - Springtrap is Mocking You ~ I Always Come Back

    SMW Music → ~omh~ - Springtrap is Mocking You ~ I Always Come Back

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    Submission Details

    Name: ~omh~ - Springtrap is Mocking You ~ I Always Come Back
    Authors: Daizo Dee Von, Hooded Edge, Jonah, Team JANK
    Insert Size: 0x0654 bytes
    Type: Song
    Sample Usage: Light
    Source: Original
    Duration: 1:48
    Featured: No
    Description: You enter a hallway that appears to be an office.
    You walk across, and find a midpoint.
    When you reach the other side.
    An old rotting suit comes out of the shadows.
    All he says is...

    "Well I have...the perfect idea. Engage the motherf***er."
    "I always come back."

    You then proceed to fight the a rotting corpse in a strange rabbit suit.


    A boss battle remix sampling Scraptrap's line "I always come back." from FNAF Ultimate Custom Night. Could fit for...bosses? Mainly bosses themed around rotting animatronics with an old man singing "I always come back" over and over. Used in ~omh~.

    Credit to Jonah_ and Hooded Edge for the "Battle Against A Vending Machine" and "Gadobadorror" melodies they ported that I used for this remix. Give credit to me for the overall song.
    Tags: abstract athletic boss carnival fire
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    Comments (3)

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