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Vanilla Animation Remapper

Waiting SMW Patches → Vanilla Animation Remapper

Submission Details

Name: Vanilla Animation Remapper
Author: Sonikku
Submitted: by  Sonikku
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: Yes
Bug Fix: No
Featured: No
Description: This patch allows for the remap of the vanilla animations in SMW.
Animations can be remapped to the exact values you see in Lunar Magic's 8x8 Tile Editor window (i.e. "900" can define the first tile in GFX32 and "600" for the first tile in GFX33).
You can also specify to insert the GFX as an uncompressed GFX file* which would allow you to use GFX32 as additional ExAnimation space if you're planning to use a patch which loads Mario's GFX externally (but doesn't disable the vanilla decompression of GFX32).

What this patch DOES do:
- Allows for the remap of vanilla animations in either GFX32 or GFX33, or to an uncompressed GFX file.
- Allows changing the "animation set" used by each tileset (i.e. changing "Normal 1" to use the cave lava in "Underground 1").
- Allows remapping the static "? block" placeholder animations seen in some tilesets.

What this patch does NOT do:
- Remaps the VRAM addresses for the default animations (Lunar Magic will not display updated VRAM addresses).
- Allow remapping animations to the AN2 GFX file.
- Allows you to change the criteria in which certain animations display (i.e. a tile that changes from a P-Switch will always change from a P-Switch).

* Do note that using uncompressed GFX file data will cause the vanilla animations to not look correct in Lunar Magic. They should still look correct in-game however.
This is a limitation of Lunar Magic itself, and unless FuSoYa changes the way the editor displays the vanilla animations this cannot be changed.
Remapping the animations to anywhere in GFX32 and GFX33 will display correctly however.
As well, you cannot mix-and-match animations in the GFX32/GFX33 region and the uncompressed region. It's either all or none.

Version History:
- v1.0.0 (3/16/2024) - Initial release.
Tags: animation exanimation remap
Download 8.99 KiB | 23 downloads