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how long do snails sleep (vanilla)

Super Mario World Hacks → how long do snails sleep (vanilla)

Submission Details

Name: how long do snails sleep (vanilla)
Author: Somebody for sure
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Type: Misc.: Troll
Description: This is a vanilla recreation of a level gimmick from the bestseller, YUMP.

(1.2 if this doesn't cheeseproof it, then nothing will:
-overcomplicated the beginning to make cheese attempts impractical
-removed Herobrine
(1.1 hotfix:
-removed cheese
-removed Herobrine
Tags: gimmick gimmick remade in vanilla glitch one room snail vanilla vanilla mechanics yump
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Comments (2)

 AmperSam Link
YUMP was vanilla y'know :)
Somebody for sure Author Link
I think I misremembered. I thought that this level wasn't vanilla, that it was caused by a bug with a music insertion tool, but I confused that with a post about shell-shocked steed (,(
So, that level in YUMP is actually vanilla, but I found an alternate way to recreate the gimmick without layer 2.
I was supposed to read that whole topic, but I didn't find the time to do that.