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Attempt at a Normal Hack

Super Mario World Hacks → Attempt at a Normal Hack

Submission Details

Name: Attempt at a Normal Hack
Author: ft029
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 40 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: I started working on this (almost entirely vanilla) hack in 2016, when I was mainly a kaizo hacker. My design philosophy has changed over the years, but my vision for this hack remained the same: a showcase of creative setups and challenges, without going ham on the difficulty.

I hope you enjoy playing this as much as I enjoyed making the levels! There are 40 exits, and the difficulty is Standard: Hard (despite being an attempt at normal).

**If you plan on playing the entire hack, I recommend tackling Booser's citadel last.**

This hack was released in the Winter 2024 C3, but for version 1.11 I have made some minor fixes since then. Thanks to all who streamed this hack, or pointed out my errors.
Tags: gimmick traditional vanilla
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5.0 (6 ratings)
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Comments (9)

TheKazooBloccGosh Link
Very good hack!
I did everything (through 1.10 and modified 1.11 (to access the level I couldn't with the former without replaying levels)), including all 5 dragon coins.
The only level I didn't really enjoy (but is good) is

especially for dragon coins. Also the 1st message box at
should have been in
instead imo.
Otherwise I had a blast playing it! #smrpg{y}

Rating: 5/5
ImNotMark Link
Fantastic hack! FT029 you are really Michealangelo level sculptor of SMW
TheKazooBloccGosh Link
Uhh, did I missed something?

Album link:
 Anorakun Link
The left and right path are enabled. lol.
TheKazooBloccGosh Link
I tried and they are not enabled; But I know what happened

Major issue!
All the overworld level warps (not paths) share the same level tile id, if we use the #lm{owlevel}, we can see the initial level setting flags that none of the 4 directions are enabled where all should have been.

By entering the level tile id from one direction, it enables the opposite direction from that level tile id, (that's why
Mario is stuck at the entrance of star world unless he beats "A baseball field"
), since none of the paths into a level warp are horizontal, I can't access the levels ever. #smrpg{ohno}
ft029 Author Link
Yep you're so right, I disabled it accidentally while editing the overworld for v1.1 and I should have tested it again. Thanks!

I just updated the hack and tested the overworld with lunar debug. Hope it works now.
 AmperSam Link
I picked this up from its soft C3 release and thoroughly enjoyed my time in this hack, a big recommend.

Echoing gbreeze below, I too liked that I could tell that obstacles were considered and designed in such a way that you/Mario have to move or react in interesting ways instead of just going through the motions or romping to victory; being presented with novel ideas are a way to create new challenges, and ft is showing us that there are still things to do with the vanilla game that are fresh and creative.

Thanks for making!
GiraffeKiller Link
Such a cool hack. I think the "blind jump" level is my favorite. I recommend this to players of all skill level who want to experience a truly creative game.
GbreezeSunset Link
This is an absolutely amazing hack that I highly recommend. The creative levels are always extremely inventive, while the more traditional-leaning levels are very well crafted and highly engaging.

I think that sometimes, when it comes to standard hacks with linear / purposeful design, it's easy to make levels that feel too much like you're going through the motions, especially when obstacles involve sitting and waiting to time the next obstacle, or performing linear tasks that don't require creative thinking. One way to solve the issue of linearity is, of course, to make the level kaizo, which immediately opens up the creative possibilities for each setup.

ft solves a lot of these issues in a different way though, without delving into full-on kaizo, by throwing the player into a bunch of goofy and crazy situations that require quick on-the-fly thinking. It's a really good way of doing this style of design - it feels extremely fresh, despite the fact that some of these levels are older than JUMP 1/2, and the levels are highly repayable. Each level is also just absurdly creative. I think that ft shows time and time again just how much he can do with so little - he shows that you don't need giant rube goldberg esque setups with sprites being flung everywhere inside incomprehensible contraptions made of various custom blocks. This hack is often extremely creative in its sheer simplicity - using only a couple sprites or objects and creating brand-new and entertaining ideas out of them.

This hack is called attempt at a normal hack, and I know that ft meant normal as in "normal difficulty", but the design is truly anything but normal. Thank you for making this wonderful hack!