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Super Mario World-2

Waiting Super Mario World Hacks → Super Mario World-2

This file contains content (such as flashing imagery) that may be harmful to people with photosensitive epilepsy or similar conditions. Discretion is advised.

Submission Details

Name: Super Mario World-2
Author: Easy Difficulty
Submitted: by Easy Difficulty
Obsoletes: Super Mario World-2
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 90 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard
Description: So this hack has 8 Worlds and a Special World, and it's by far the biggest project I've made. There is a lot of custom ASM, sprites, bosses and such, just to keep it interesting. As for the difficulty, this hack is mainly recommended for experienced players. Nothing in the first worlds should be too difficult, but in later worlds and especially the Special World, some may struggle.

The original aim for this hack was to be what a harder, more gimmicky sequel to SMW could've looked like, though that became less of a focus as development progressed. The earlier worlds are most similar to vanilla. Obviously, however, the graphics rarely stray too far from the original SMW graphics.

Update v1.1
In this update we have
changelog.txt <---- read it
Tags: asm bosses epilepsy warning hdma less exgfx music sa-1 traditional
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4.8 (6 ratings)
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Comments (19)

SnowCutieOwO From older version: Super Mario World-2 Link
Music and sprite is good though, but such a difficulty... is this a satire toward SMB2J?
It was just like a naughty but excellent child, I'm almost brain-dead on completing this hack.
If author gives an easier level with these details and decorations, all the matter will be more positive.
jaymanporta From older version: Super Mario World-2 Link
I follow an online streamer- we are at the point of 4 exits left until the special world. The big missing one is pink switch- how do we get to the pink switch? Thanks!
Easy Difficulty Author From older version: Super Mario World-2 Link
I'm assuming due to the four exits missing and one of them being the final switch palace, that you have yet to find the secret exit in Skull Volcano,
which you will find in a pipe if you jump to the left after some piranha plants in the first half of the level.
This exit will lead to the Accelerated Fortress, a level with two exits. The secret exit will lead to the switch palace.
Cote de Boeuf Link
This hack is driving me insane. I'm 47 exits in. Levels rarely take less than a day to complete. I've been stuck on the blue Switch Palace for weeks now. I'm certain I'll get stonewalled like this by at least one more level before Bowser's Castle.

But this hack is amazing and almost certainly the best hack I've ever played--this includes JUMP-likes. Every day I've played the aforementioned blue Switch Palace, I feel like my strat has grown more refined. I get further. My technique is easier to repeat. Not every level is the type that I could spend weeks playing, but this is a very consistent feature of the levels; they are difficult, but no matter how many times you die, you never feel trapped, you always feel like there's a way forward. I have never played a game that maintains this level of brutal difficulty while consistently rewarding every little bit of skill and experience the player acquires.

This has a lot to do with the openness of the level design; each obstacle is demanding, but there are usually many ways to get past each one. Each level is infinitely receptive of each player's own vision and preferences for how to play the game. For a Standard hack, there is no greater virtue.

There are a few design choices I disagree with. I also think that overall it might be better if there were, say, more checkpoints and powerups. But those are minor in the face of the hack's absolute mastery of the very core of Super Mario World.
Cote de Boeuf Link
Are old SRAM files compatible with the updated hack?
Easy Difficulty Author Link
For this update in particular, I don't see a reason why they shouldn't be. If you want to, you can make a backup just in case.
ImNotMark From older version: Super Mario World-2 Link
Finished this hack 😵‍💫. Special World is not forgiving and cant enjoy the amazing music played in each level because of spamming rewind and save states 🤣. Hated gimmicks

Anyways more hacks to come from Easy Difficulty.

Played on SNES 9x Android Yes, Im a touch screen player not controller 🤣
Artery From older version: Super Mario World-2 Link
Nevermind, I fixed it myself. Thankfully that overworld speed changer is easy to understand. So yeah time to grind this game.
pistoffjstr From older version: Super Mario World-2 Link
How do you complete the green switch palace?
Cote de Boeuf From older version: Super Mario World-2 Link
The puzzle wasn't terribly difficult for me, and figuring it out was enjoyable and satisfying. I'll give you a hint:

The level has just enough room to despawn a sprite that has been trapped in the empty chamber on the left side of this area. A sprite that has been despawned will reappear where it originally spawned. How might this help you?
MintyCrackers From older version: Super Mario World-2 Link
Is there a list of every music used in this hack? I really liked the soundtrack.
Cote de Boeuf From older version: Super Mario World-2 Link
The hidden area in Blown Away! (literally) that leads to the secret exit is completely trivial compared to the normal exit. This is partly due to the Bomb Bros. tendency to destroy themselves and each other with their bombs, though even without this it would still probably be uncharacteristically easy.
jBL00D From older version: Super Mario World-2 Link
This was a great hack and definitely one of the toughest I have beat. Found all exits in the regular overworld and defeated Bowser but sadly had to throwin the towel at the Sepcial World.

Got stuck at Bastian of Gravity (couldn't make some jumps) and Red Tower Returns (couldn't get P-speed for one jump). Looks like my jouney ends at 88.88% #tb{D'X}
Cote de Boeuf From older version: Super Mario World-2 Link
I know this hack is supposed to be pretty hard, but this mushroom in Cyanide Lake seems nigh-impossible to acquire without getting hit or resorting to unconventional tactics.

Additionally, when entering this same stage from the midpoint, the air meter does not function in the first room (though it works as normal in the second room). This allowed me to go back in the first room, get the springboard, and use it to accelerate my swimming to get the mushroom in the second room.
The time restrictions in this level seem pretty tight in general but the hack is supposed to be hard so I guess I can't complain too much. In particular the final leg of the first room (where you use a springboard to accelerate through a narrow passage with green Blurps) seemed pretty hard to do without tanking a hit, which is what I wound up doing.
ImNotMark From older version: Super Mario World-2 Link
Fun hack, Im on World 3. The level names really bothers me It does not change because I think Mario moves too fast on overworld. It should be fixed. Great levels with music choice.
PepsiLover22 From older version: Super Mario World-2 Link
You're right, I see many players who are having this problem, although curiously I didn't have that problem with the names of the levels, I think it's more of a problem with the type of emulator you use, I no have idea
Cote de Boeuf From older version: Super Mario World-2 Link
I've only played through the Yellow Switch Palace but what I've played so far is, frankly, amazing. Great job.
PepsiLover22 From older version: Super Mario World-2 Link
As a person who played this, I would recommend that you give this one a try, but be careful, this game will not be a quiet walk in the park for all players. The game gets complicated from world 7 and the following ones, and some later levels may take you a while time to try passed. In this case that you want to use save states, then go ahead and use them. I am not your dad to prevent you from doing so. It is your responsibility if you decide to use it or not.
 Ringo From older version: Super Mario World-2 Link
Moderated with: Snes9x 1.62.3

The only issue that persists from the previous moderation is that the level names often won't update since Mario moves faster than the extended level names patch updates them, but it's a minor issue that doesn't affect gameplay and it's apparently emulator-specific too. Everything else was seemingly addressed.

Anyway, this hack was a blast to play! The special world's difficulty did feel unforgiving but it didn't take away from my overall enjoyment with it. The music choices also go along nicely with how the levels play out, and some of those songs are just awesome! It's definitely one of the most fun that I've had with an SMW hack and one that I recommend people to check out.