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Transatlantic Flights

Super Mario World Hacks → Transatlantic Flights

Submission Details

Name: Transatlantic Flights
Author: l337f00l
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 9 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: Welcome to Transatlantic Flights, we here at Tanooki Air hope you enjoy your flight, on your journey you will encounter some different ways to experience flying, however there are no lay overs (aka midways) on this flight so keep that in mind. There are a lot of custom meals (blocks, sprites) that includes some chocolate (asm, uberasm) as well for desert. We ask you to please keep your seat belts buckled at all times as we will hit a lot of turbulence (levels are upper intermediate to lower expert). The Final portion of your Flight will include different flight attendants (RNG Castle) and you will get a chance to meet your captain (1 final boss) at the end of your journey. At the end of the day we hope you enjoy your time spent with Tanooki Air.

- Custom blocks, sprites
- Prompt Retry
- Vanilla Turn around (I know, I know)
- RNG Castle
- One boss
- No Midways including the RNG Castle
- Intro rooms to explain some of the gimmicks
- Light trolls
- Practice room for the Boss
- Credits level in the Yoshi house, doesn't count as an

V1.1 Notes

- Added float delay patch to Be Precise

- Removed all death/muncher ceilings and replaced them
with cement

- Nerfed the intro room in Dark Souls 2

- Replaced the Mario solid blocks with 1F0s below the
On/Offs in The Sticky Bandits and Scaredy Cape

- Moved the pipe in The Cheddar Express to fix some
cheese and force the shell setup

- Updated the Credits

- Removed some cheese found in Shredder de Cape

GLHF - L337
Tags: asm cape chocolate kaizo uberasm
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