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Chopped N' Screwed

Super Mario World Hacks → Chopped N' Screwed

Submission Details

Name: Chopped N' Screwed
Author: deported
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 8 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: A short project i've been working on for a little while.
After playing To whom it may aggravate(filebin hack by Lazy), Coldsweat and Tears (hack by Blaagon) and
French Fries & French Toast(hack by Fyre150), I loved the idea of just making short 1 section levels.

This is much harder than my other hack, Liquid Metal, and quite different in style, in my opinion.

you can find yourself being puzzled by some levels, whether it be by how the level is structured or how much knowledge about the game you have.
All levels are based around some kind of vanilla interaction.

anyway, have fun.

1.2 : couple more changes to "The Departure". (tricks and movement are still the same)
Full Playthrough:
Tags: fail world glitch goon nation less exgfx vanilla
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4.9 (13 ratings)
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Comments (17)

 Blaagon Pinned From older version: Chopped N' Screwed Link
Kimota Link
Nice aesthetics and overworld, but the level design was too convoluted for my taste (clear video was helpful though, thanks!). The movement, while quite tight, flows nicely once you know what you're doing. The music selections weren't my favorite (Peanuts, really?) and I ended up playing most levels with sound off. While I didn't have a great time, this hack is still unique and impressive.
SteamyPanini Link
Insanely creative, superfun to play. Thanks for making. GG #smw{:peace:}
Prestinator13 Link
Very fun hack. Definitely one of my favorites.
The yoshi level was really tough lol.
juzcook From older version: Chopped N' Screwed Link
REALLY creative setups and tricks. I had a great time with this one. Awesome work!
BUX88 From older version: Chopped N' Screwed Link
Amazing from start to finish! Great flow, cool setups, top notch aesthetics and really really fun. GG
revolug From older version: Chopped N' Screwed Link
very thoughtfully designed hack that manages to be unique and puzzly but fast paced and fun to execute at the same time, all within the confines of vanilla mechanics. the last level was completely indecipherable to me without a clear video so it's nice that you provided one in the hack description, otherwise i was able to figure out everything on my own. it might seem confusing at some parts but each obstacle is designed so that the correct way of doing it is the way that flows the best with the movement of the level. get this man in fail world 2 pronto
bonjoursauce From older version: Chopped N' Screwed Link
Vanilla remixes and manipulations is indeed the name of the game here. Chopped n' Screwed" ain't your childhood's Mario. It's like Mario on a sugar rush. You'll curse, you'll sweat, and you might even shed a tear or two, but damn, it's addictive! Each level throws crazy obstacles at you, like it's auditioning for a circus act. But hey, that's the charm! Gotta love being the circus freak once in a while. Deported's second hack takes a sharp left turn from its predecessor (Liquid Metal) but it's just as tasty a treat. While the flavors may be different, the quality is consistently top-notch. GG Ted. One of the hardest (if not the) and greatest hack I've completed. 5/5
mason From older version: Chopped N' Screwed Link
Really a fantastic hack. Each level showcases vanilla mechanics in their best lights. Favorites of mine were the mushroom avoidance level and the stunned koopa preservation level. Love the 1-section format too. I highly recommend this hack.
 Eden_ From older version: Chopped N' Screwed Link
Amazing Hack, loved every second of it !
B2De From older version: Chopped N' Screwed Link
twicepipes From older version: Chopped N' Screwed Link
Beautiful hack. I love the Chopped N' Screwed series! Solid game play and it stands out amongst the crowd! Highly recommend!
BoozeWash From older version: Chopped N' Screwed Link
Really really awesome hack! love the little details that were carefully thought of, I really enjoy the ted series of hacks! Overall the gameplay is awesome and just can't help and jam out to the background music!!
Scags From older version: Chopped N' Screwed Link
mmBeefStew From older version: Chopped N' Screwed Link
A masterpiece, this hack reached the top... curious what is going to be next level of kaizo hacks
Abdu From older version: Chopped N' Screwed Link
the gameplay is good
BabaYegha From older version: Chopped N' Screwed Link
In the rhythm's embrace, where beats entwine,
There's a tale of anguish, a mournful line.
Chopped and screwed, in the depths of sound,
A soul caught adrift, in despair profound.

10/10 Highly recommend for all kazoo heads. GG on this masterpiece