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Super Curious World (v. 1.2)

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Curious World (v. 1.2)

Submission Details

Name: Super Curious World (v. 1.2)
Author: team_love
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 16 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Super Curious World is a collaborative ROM hack that was made in a little less than a month for our friend and fellow Kaizo enjoyer, CuriousAndSpurious as a labor of love after his cancer diagnosis. James has passed away on the 27th of May 2024. We hope this game serves as a reminder for an amazing and radiant human being that is missed by many. Rest easy, Friend.

We love you, James.

- Custom open overworld roughly arranged by difficulty
- Levels by 16 creators
- Community and friends portraits

This hack uses some mature language (F-Bombs) and has an optional "safe for twitch" secret that shows a male nipple in the level Spurious Shroom.

v 1.2:
- Updated some messages to reflect CaS' passing
- Fixed a minor visual glitch
- Added a portrait back in

v 1.1:
- Fixed a softlock, scroll jank and a broken door
- Added a message box to Starlight Express
- Fixed an overworld event
Tags: asm chocolate collaboration exgraphics kaizo mature content mature language music custom
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5.0 (3 ratings)
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Download 1.17 MiB | 1,499 downloads


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Comments (10)

 DonWafle Link
I have mixed feelings right now after beating the hack:
On one hand, I'm very happy after playing this amazing levels from a very very talented group of creators, and in the other hand, is very sad to know that James passed away. At the same time this hack is a beautiful homage to someone you all love and a way to keep his name perpetually.

Congrats to Team Love, keep making hacks as individuals and as a group, James would be very proud of you.
(V. 1.2 Approved #smrpg{<3})
team_love Author Link
Thank you for moderating it and your kind words. <3
team_love Author From older version: Super Curious World (v. 1.1) Link
James, also known as CuriousAndSpurious, passed away on May 26th 2024. We'll miss you, friend.
TheKazooBloccGosh From older version: Super Curious World Link
It looks like the version uploaded is still 1.0 not 1.0RC1...
team_love Author From older version: Super Curious World Link
Yes, the screenshot is from the previous version. The RC1 (Release Candidate) was in testing and 1.0 is the current release version. We are, however, working on 1.1 :)
 MellowYouth From older version: Super Curious World Link
NixKillsMyths From older version: Super Curious World Link
CaS is amazing, and working on this collab was so much fun. Truly made with love all around. Thanks to everyone involved, and anyone who gives it a try.
CodeSynth From older version: Super Curious World Link
So proud to be a part of a hack that has this many talented people involved. Thank you to everyone that downloads and plays it, and thank you Curious for inspiring us to make this. <3
Parrzival_Tripp From older version: Super Curious World Link
I hope this hack brings you as much joy as our friend Cas has brought all of us! It was amazing watching all of the contributors work together like they did
iamtheratio From older version: Super Curious World Link
The amount of love in this hack is a powerful reminder of the strength of the Mario community. I truly hope everyone enjoys this hack as much as we enjoyed creating it.