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Tricky Item Blocks

SMW Blocks → Tricky Item Blocks

Submission Details

Name: Tricky Item Blocks
Author: Koopster
Act As: 130
Includes GFX: No
Description: Do you know when there is a couple of question/turn blocks, and most of them have coins and only one of them has an item? With this block, you can make that so the item will be always in the last block the player hits!

You can define which item the last block will have into, how many blocks are in the couple, and even if they're either question or turn blocks!

Remember to set up everything correctly in the ASM file. Have fun!
Tags: lorom question block
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Comments (5)

NewToHack Link
Can't get it to do anything but be a cement block. Really don't know why. Maybe because of SA-1?
EDIT: yep, confirmed incompatible with SA-1
King Boo Link
I can see this being an amazing troll for autoscrollers
Romano338 Link
I find this block amazing #tb{:DD} it's not much but it's fun
 Hobz Link
nice name
Vitor Vilela Link
Very interesting block. Nice job!

Note that it may behave weirdly if your current FG/BG Graphics Header is set to "Switch Palace 1" due of a odd behavior in the coin question block.