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Enable/Disable Horizontal Scroll

SMW Blocks → Enable/Disable Horizontal Scroll

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xDragonLoveX Link
I remember a year ago, on my last w10 PC using Lunar Magic, these being amazing! I was not using SA1.
Now, I'm on a Windows 11 PC using Lunar Magic and using SA1... and these scroll manipulating blocks just aren't working :(

I used them to allow and disallow visiting extra places I added to a bonus zone, as one example pre sa1... doesn't work now, I assume sa1 related??? Please help.

"Exact Horizontal Scroll Disable" does work, but then how do I unstick it? These blocks aren't cutting the cheese this time.
 Donut Link
There's a patch made by Kevin, the Horizontal Scroll Snap Fix patch which fixes the snapping issue and the tilemap glitching.
Nicoke42 Link
Yeah, when I use the enable scroll block often the screen has a jerky sudden movement.
rvx Link
Having glitches when enable scroll :(