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Powerup Swap

SMW Blocks → Powerup Swap

Submission Details

Name: Powerup Swap
Author: Lexi
Act As: Any
Includes GFX: No
Description: These blocks are helpful when you don't want the player to have a certain powerup in a puzzle.
The first block, nocape.asm, will change Cape Mario to Fire Mario and will replace a cape feather in the item box with a fire flower.
The second, nofire.asm does the reverse.
Both blocks will leave Mario's powerup status unaffected if he is small or big, and they won't modify the item in the item box if it isn't a fire flower/cape feather.
Tags: lorom powerup
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Comments (1)

qantuum Link
Is it like question block? If the best way to setup them is an acts like 25 gate with no powerup effect it will seem a bit harsh. Guess I'll try this :)