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Event Based blocks

SMW Blocks → Event Based blocks

Submission Details

Name: Event Based blocks
Author: Infrared
Act As: 25
Includes GFX: No
Description: These blocks do two separate things:

eventpass.asm allows the player to pass through the block when a certain number of events have been triggered.
eventscroll.asm allows the camera to scroll when a certain number of events is passed.

If you are going to use both, I recommend reading my recommendations for where to place these blocks. These blocks combined can create the perfect 'one screen where you must do something to continue' effect.

Also - this is my first block! :D Enjoy, and credit isn't necessary.
Tags: camera event lorom ow event
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Comments (2)

TheOrangeToad Link
work with LM3.10?
Alex No Link
hi. Can i use this block to activate more than one event at the same time. Like 8 events on one block, then pass?