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Freeze Ice Mario Block

SMW Blocks → Freeze Ice Mario Block

Submission Details

Name: Freeze Ice Mario Block
Author: allowiscous
Act As: 100 or 130
Includes GFX: No
Description: These two blocks, will either freeze Mario immediately, then disappear in a puff of smoke, or freeze Mario over time, but not disappear in a puff of smoke depending which on you use. They also both disapear in a puff of smoke when hit by a fireball. No credit needed. Lastly, the readme explains which one is which.
Tags: freeze ice lorom platform
Comments: 3 (jump to comments)
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Download 1.57 KiB | 520 downloads

Comments (3)

Azula16 Link
Love this blocks! :)
Romano338 Link
That's weird, the block that doesn't disappear doesn't work for me. It keeps freezing me every like half second and I can't move anymore (because I'm constantly frozen).
I tried huge and small values for both !time and !cooldown
 Vitor Vilela Link
Excellent block. I had to edit it a bit to make it more customizable and to make the player able to get off on the second ice block. Other than that, nice job.