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SMAS Music

SMW Patches → SMAS Music

Submission Details

Name: SMAS Music
Author: Mattrizzle
Version History: View
Tool: xkas
Requires Free Space: Yes
Bug Fix: No
Featured: Yes
Description: This patch inserts most of the music and sound effects from the SMAS versions of SMB, SMB2 and SMB3 into your ROM.

Also included in the ZIP:
- Lunar Magic music list file (smas_music.msc)
- A list of the sound effects (sounds.txt)
- Readme (readme.txt)
Tags: lorom
Comments: 4 (jump to comments)
Download 60.46 KiB | 685 downloads

Comments (4)

KungFuFurby Link
Someone else's curiosity caused me to look up just what this thing was doing... and I find the discovery to be quite incredible, even if I've heard it isn't as functional as it used to be. This patch outright replaces the sound driver being used with that of Super Mario All-Stars' for a start.
Yan Link
Seems that this patch isn't compatible with newer emulators.

You can hear some "clicking" and "popping" sounds when you enter levels, and a lot of musics don't even play. Even using "@xkas" comand or using the old xkas assembler.

Okay, It's better to use SMAS addmusic soundtrack.
Alcaro Link
Dude this patch is seven years old. Asar didn't exist back then.
thesmb3fan144 Link
Dude Asar.