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Seperate Luigi/Fire/Whatever GFX

SMW Patches → Seperate Luigi/Fire/Whatever GFX

Submission Details

Name: Seperate Luigi/Fire/Whatever GFX
Author: HuFlungDu
Tool: xkas
Requires Free Space: Yes
Bug Fix: No
Featured: No
Description: Similar to Smallhacker's Separate Luigi GFX patch, except it will easily let you use any RAM address at any value to use as catalyst to change the GFX. This means you can easily change Mario's GFX mid level for a power-up or whatever you want to give him. Also is compatible with MarioExGfx, though it won't let you save $7E2000-$7E7D00 for free RAM if you do use it.

Also: With a little bit of work, you can use as many different GFX files as your ROM can hold, so you can have a lot of different characters if you need. (explained in the patch)

No credit necessary.
Tags: lorom needs remoderation
Comments: 3 (jump to comments)
Download 28.93 KiB | 853 downloads

Comments (3)

The ultimate Julio Link
I just tested works super well but he sacrifices the luigi be different or I who did not know how to apply correctly
 RussianMan Link
Oddly enough, it gives error about GFX not found... even thought it's in the same folder. With the same name.

Oztrum Link
How can I change Fire Mario's GFX?