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Layer 3 Tide Current Adjuster

Patchs SMW → Layer 3 Tide Current Adjuster

Détails de la soumission

Nom: Layer 3 Tide Current Adjuster
Auteur: Roy
Ajouté le:
Outil: xkas
Espace Libre Requis: Oui
Correction de bogues: Non
En vedette: Non
Description: This patch enables you to adjust the direction in which the Layer 3 water tides are going on the fly, by using one free RAM address. Some default speed values can be adjusted inside the patch, too. Credit not necessary.
Étiquettes: lorom needs remoderation
Commentaires: 2 (aller aux commentaires)
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commentaires (2)

spooonsss Lien
I updated it to support asar and make swimming against the rightward tide harder (and with the tide easier) l3cur.asm
Hayashi Neru Lien
This is good patch. but need converter to Asar and support SA-1