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Credit Save

Patches para SMW → Credit Save

Detalhes da Submissão

Nome: Credit Save
Autor: Alcaro
Ferramenta: xkas
Requer Espaço Livre: Sim
Bug Fix: Não
Em Destaque: Não
Descrição: This patch silently triggers an event and saves the game when the game is beaten.
Requested by Zeldara109.
Marcadores: lorom needs remoderation
Comentários: 5 (pular para comentários)
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Comentários (5)

Bensalot Link
Well that applied the patch fine. For some reason though it will only save the number of paths found on the file select screen. When you select the file, none of the paths that were completed get saved. Am I doing something wrong?
TheBiob Link
Oh, freecode, not freespace. My bad
Just change that one line and it should insert fine
(I edited my original code if you want it)
Bensalot Link
when i that i get this...

creditsave.asm:6: error: Invalid freespace request. [freespace]
creditsave.asm:4: error: Don't autoclean a label at the end of a freespace block, you'll remove some stuff you're not supposed to remove [autoclean JSL Main]
Errors were detected while assembling the patch. Assembly aborted. Your ROM has not been modified

any ideas on what's wrong? Id really appreciate it.
TheBiob Link
Patch remoderation when

!Event = $FF

org $0094A3
autoclean JSL Main

LDA.b #1<<(!Event&7^7)
TSB.w !Event/8+$1F02;Those two lines are to set the correct event flag btw.
TSB.w !Event/8+$1FA9;This is so the flag gets saved.
LDX #$8C
LDA $1EA2,x
STA $1F49,x;bad lardboy, dont eat my patches for no reason.
JSL $009BC9;Save
JML $0C93DD;Hijacked code

Untested cause lazy but should work. Make a backup though.
Bensalot Link
I'm still pretty new to hacking and was wondering if there was a way to use this in asar.