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Timer, v. 1.3

SMW Patches → Timer, v. 1.3

Submission Details

Name: Timer, v. 1.3
Author: imamelia
Tool: xkas
Requires Free Space: Yes
Bug Fix: No
Featured: Yes
Description: This patch will install a timer on your status bar, one that counts frames, seconds, and minutes rather than "SMW-seconds". It is similar to my timer sprites, but better. On a per-level basis, you can customize whether the timer is there or not, how much time it starts with, whether it goes up or down, what should happen when it reaches zero, and more.

Have fun, and please read the readme.

v. 1.3: Included an option to disable resetting in a main level if it has been entered from a sublevel.
Tags: lorom needs remoderation
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Download 8.94 KiB | 506 downloads

Comments (1)

LesTrucsMuches Link
hi, I know your patch is already 9 years old. but is there a possibility that the weather does not reset at a checkpoint? only if we start the level at the beginning.