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Manual Player Palette Updater

Patches para SMW → Manual Player Palette Updater

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yogui Link
A good patch, you can use it to change the player's palette during levels using levelASM (a bit of ASM knowledge is needed, you can check this thread for an example how to use it).

The patch work but need remoderation: it currently is an xkas patch.
(The only changes to make it work for SA-1 rom is changing the $800000 rom addresses to $000000)

>Does it supports second player palette?
Not in the patch. But in your levelASM you can create two different palettes values and load one depending on if the player is Mario or Luigi.
 RussianMan Link
Does it supports second player palette?
TheJullasicFox Link
What do you mean by this?
Originally posted by the asm file
and set whatever bit of !RAM_PalUpdateFlag is specified
;; (bit 0 by default).