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Details for SMW2+4 (Demo)
Yoshi's Island Hacks - SMW2+4 (Demo) Show random
File Name: SMW2+4 (Demo)
Authors: Golden Yoshi
Demo: Yes
Length: 4 level(s)
Description: A four-level demo of my Yoshi's Island hack, SMW2+4, which is no longer in progress.
Tags: cancelled, demo
Rating: 4.0 (Votes: 12)
Download: Download - 218.56 KiB
Ha ha....nice one
Posted by: nikes112 - | Link
not a long review, but i'm gonna say that i enjoyed playing this demo! i would definitely love to see a finished version, though i imagine that would be unlikely. also, i want to raise the rating of this hack higher than 3.9.

i think 1-3 is the best level in the bunch, and 1-4 is pretty clever in how it was built. #smw{:TUP:}
Posted by: UTF - | Link
Why do you quit this?It could be amazing,like the other 2 hacks... :(
Posted by: YoshiBro15 - | Link
Definitely quit on this project. It looks like a dick programmed everything.
Posted by: BigBertha - | Link
did you quit on this project? it looks great... if you did quit you should keep working on it.
Posted by: starlett - | Link