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Golden Yoshi Returns

Yoshi's Island Hacks → Golden Yoshi Returns

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Comments (3)

OfPixxiesAndRoses Link
This was a good way to occupy some time. I ended with a score of 98 (I missed two red coins) I'm kicking myself, I feel like I should have explored the section with all the monkes a little more thoroughly..

Regardless, I enjoyed this a lot. And I plan to go back and attain 100% at some point. Maybe after I play Golden Yoshi Returns Again.

Definitely 5 #lm{owexstar} from me #wario{:peace:}
sKi3t Link
One of the best hacks i played, too short but too fun
GMB4 Link
This is a really good hack. sometimes I got a bit lost in the level but still awesome #smrpg{y}