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Golden Yoshi Returns Again

Yoshi's Island Hacks → Golden Yoshi Returns Again

Submission Details

Name: Golden Yoshi Returns Again
Author: Golden Yoshi
Demo: No
Length: 1 level(s)
Description: A followup to Golden Yoshi Returns. As with its predecessor, it features one long, challenging level, but with a darker atmosphere. Also features newly mixed sprite tilesets.
Tags: one level one-level
Comments: 6 (jump to comments)
4.0 (8 ratings)
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Comments (6)

UTF Link
Originally posted by The_Uber_Camper
The "Responsible World" of SMW2 hacks, if you beat this without save states then you're either lying, LEGENDARY at Yoshi's Island, or have an astronomical tolerance for BS.

I guess I have an astronomical tolerance for BS lol. I actually haven't played this in a long time, so I am interested in replaying this to see how it holds up. I remember finding this hack extremely difficult, but I also remember thinking that it was at least a little easier than NEW SMW2 YI's Secret 6 level. Now that one has some serious BS. (not to say that Golden Yoshi Returns Again doesn't have its own BS)

Originally posted by The_Uber_Camper
-Sections that are bogged down to a ridiculous degree with lag

I forgot to mention it in my old review, but yes, there's some parts with tons of slowdown unfortunately. I think I know what happened here:

When I first played this hack, I was still using ZSNES. ZSNES does not emulate the Super FX2 chip properly, so Yoshi's Island (and this hack) does not suffer from as much slowdown as it normally would on a real console. When you play this hack on modern, more accurate emulators, there's a lot more slowdown, most notably during the first room's helicopter segment. I would guess that the hack author also played and tested this on ZSNES. EDIT: This may not fully be true? I'd have to continue testing on other emulators. Also, I don't have a SNES flashcart to test this on console. All I really know is that the first room in ZSNES has no slowdown, but it does on bsnes v115.

When I get the free time, I'd like to play this again. Also, even though 1-2 in this hack is much shorter, THAT one I never finished without savestates and slowdown.

EDIT: Playing through this for the first time in years, and oh my goodness I forgot how much backtracking there is in the underground maze section. If you die in the snow/fuzzy section, whoops! Too bad lol
The_Uber_Camper Link
The "Responsible World" of SMW2 hacks, if you beat this without save states then you're either lying, LEGENDARY at Yoshi's Island, or have an astronomical tolerance for BS.

It features a lot of cool ideas and setups in theory, I'll give it that, but in practice many of these same ideas are what brings it down so far.

-Sections where the player is punished for doing something wrong, but not knowing what they've done wrong until they've attempted it like 10 times, then forcing the player to replay several minutes of content in-between each attempt.

-Sections that are bogged down to a ridiculous degree with lag, we're talking sub-15 fps, I understand Yoshi's Island is a very lag-prone game, but I find it extremely hard to believe someone in their right mind tested these sections and thought they were acceptable.

-The key collection sequence literally breaks sometimes, requiring going through certain locked doors to get other keys, but then upon collecting one of those keys the same doors you've already opened becoming locked again. It's tantamount to pick-a-path.

Play Golden Yoshi Returns, it's actually quite good, but this one should be avoided if you want to have a good time.
tltlvilus Link
I made some covers for your roms, i hope everyone likes.
Golden Yoshi's Island:
Golden Yoshi's Island Returns:
Golden Yoshi's Island Returns Again:
SilvioGamerYT Link
Anas Link
How could you make this SO long and SO puzzling?
UTF Link
this hack is TOUGH AS NAILS, and it gets a bit boring with the backtracking near the end, but i still enjoy it a lot! i don't know exactly how to put it, but it feels like it had a lot of thought put into it. there's lots of interesting ways this hack uses enemies, and it feels like an achievement when you beat it without savestates/rewinds of any kind. again, it's very challenging, so you'll definitely need to be a hardcore yoshi player to beat this. it does take about 45 minutes (give or take) to 100% it in one go, even when you know what you're doing, so that's crazy. i can beat it with some deaths; the snow/fuzzy section and the balloon ride are both killer.

a tip for less backtracking: in the dirt maze with the spotlight and melons, once you use the green melon to open up a path on the right side of the map, and to get a flashing egg, you NEVER need to use that green melon ever again! the ice melon will also open up the same path on the right side if you get close enough to the ? cloud with your ice breath. trying to be vague here because of spoilers, but you might know what i'm talking about when you play to that point.

another tip: don't stress too much about your star count, because you'll only need 15 stars when you reach the fourth (and final) middle ring. the ring will bump you up to 25 stars, and all you'll need after that is a 5-star ? cloud.

does anyone find this easier than 6-S from new smw2 yoshi's island? i still can't beat that one haha

also, can anyone even get 100% on the level "victory shall be golden yoshi's!"? that one requires ridiculously precise moves. i try to play hacks toolless if i can, but that one broke me.