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Yoshi's Island Hacks → SMW2+2

Submission Details

Name: SMW2+2
Author: Golden Yoshi
Demo: No
Length: 50 level(s)
Description: SMW2+2 is my second full hack of Yoshi's Island.

Story: The stork was peacefully on his way to deliver future heroes Baby Mario and Luigi to their parents, when all of a sudden, Kamek appeared in the skies. He quickly attempted to snatch the babies from the stork, only managing take Baby Luigi, while Baby Mario fell to the ocean. Luckily, he lands on Yoshi's Island. The Yoshies gather and ponder how to remedy the situation. The Yoshies decide to carry along Baby Mario, and call upon the Chosen One to face Kamek. The Yoshies don't know the exact identity of the Chosen One, but know that he always watches over and protects the Yoshies, and has an immense amount of power.

Why has Kamek kidnapped these babies? And just who is this mysterious Chosen One? You will find out when you play!

This hack features:

-50 all-new levels of classic Yoshi's Island design! Journey through 5 worlds to reunite Baby Mario with Baby Luigi.
-Now unlock an Extra and a Secret level by scoring 100% on each world!
-Enhanced Yoshi colors! Every Yoshi now has its own boot colors, as seen in the introduction scene. Plus, two new Yoshi colors, gray and black, for the Extra and Secret levels.
-Pit of 50 Trials, inspired by the Pit of 100 Trials in the Paper Mario series. How many floors can you beat? And what will you win?
-Custom level icons
Tags: custom icons full full-length secret levels
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4.7 (14 ratings)
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Comments (4)

axer Link
WOW. This hack could be a yoshi island 2. Fantastic work from golden yoshi. 5/5 of course. Its a must have. Lots of details, its clearly a lover work. If you don't play it, it's just because you don't know it. THANK YOU. You make my day.

madman Link
Another fantastic YI hack from Golden Yoshi -- thank you for making this! The levels were fun and very well put together. Highly recommend this hack for anyone that enjoyed YI.
Danielsonic 87 Link
I love the new Yoshi's palette, and the pit: wow what ai idea!!

It could be only 5 stars!!
racknae Link
Still remains my favourite ROM Hack of Yoshi's Island to date. Matches the original in difficulty and progression near-perfectly.