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Yoshi's Island Hacks → SMW2+

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Comments (5)

The Lucifer of Gaming Link
Ok there are a few things that are buggy about the rom hack, I play YI hacks through SNES9x cause the rom doesn't work well on ZSNES, the intro plays fine, but when I get into the game for the "Practice Area" the message boxes will not appear and it's just a big black box! Any fixmes for it?
llNafetsll Link
why cant I patch it?
madman Link
This is a great and fun YI hack. I thoroughly enjoyed playing this after thinking for years there would be no new YI levels. Thank you for making this!
Danielsonic 87 Link
Absolutely OUTSTANDING! Hard to play because the original one was not easy. But this hack is much better than original for me, so congratulations after many years XDXD
racknae Link
An important piece of Yoshi ROM hack history, but sadly has not aged well.