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SMA2 Status Screen

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 LadiesMan217 Link
To everyone saying it crashes or has bugs etc, you do realize there’s an update to this already right? Doesn’t take much to see what smwc users offers on their resource and tools release thread.
MarcosMoutta Link
Crashes at the title screen. needs remoderation.
lx5 Link
requires changes to work with sa-1 pack 1.35+ (dma remap conflict)

... on top of what fermin mentioned
El Cuh Fermin Link
Please update to addmusicK compatible, sa-1 compatibility, lm3.00+, custom powerups and NSMBWii status bar compatible as well.
King Boo Link
Because it uses the oldest possible version of SRAM Expand and isn't compatible with the other ones. If it were, then it wouldn't need remoderation.
Klug Link
This hasn't been updated for AGES...why do we need a remoderation for it?!
System64 Link
Nice patch! But can I change "W x" on the left side of the screen to "Yoshi's Island" for exemple?

King Boo Link
Originally posted by KrustyKong
This works great, except I can't figure out how to change the song.

For anyone else having this problem, change the address listed in the readme or just replace
09  originals/09 Bonus End.txt

with the song of your choice, although you'll have to have the bonus game disabled. That was a coincidence for me. This workaround is really useful if you've done lots of stuff to your hack and reinserting this patch is impossible.
Guscraft808Beta2 Link
@Hasuke that was a good meme
mish1 Link
31334 Link
I got the same thing when used with sram plus, they are incompatible.
Aurel509 Link
TheBiob Link
Remove the #
31334 Link
I got the status screen to work, but when I patch SramExpand it aborts with error: invalid value. [db #$05].
Green Jerry Link
You might have ran out of freespace.
SMWCJullasicFox Link
Asar says "no freespace found [freecode]" on all of them
KrustyKong Link
This works great, except I can't figure out how to change the song. Nevermind the included song, I couldn't get it to go past the title screen theme when working down and past the special world theme when going up. I can only use $01 - $09. this is in the owyicoin.asm file.