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SMW Status Bar Editor

Tools → SMW Status Bar Editor

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stevusbrevus Link
Well, it does what its supposed to. For the most part. Also, for those who are having trouble with launching it, you need to install DirectPlay when the prompt appears
Lmao Link
its eh, works mostly
gumpyfunction Link
If SMW Status Bar Editor can't find your ROM, put your ROM in the same folder as the SMWSBE application then re-enter your ROM's name (include the file extension).
On.smc Link
Or you can put all the file path from the hard drive to the ROM. I don't know if the works for this program in specific #smw{-_-2} but it works for most programs so I guess it counts
ninj Link
If it says .INI not found or damaged It's probably because you're using joined GFX files
UTF Link
it works for me on windows 10, but it seems like this program won't accept any pageup/pagedown presses. i have numlock turned off, too.

EDIT: this is so weird. i have to use windows 10's on-screen keyboard to make the required pageup/pagedown button presses. how fortunate/inconvenient!
Thiago678 Link
Originally posted by N4m3_H3rE
Illegal memory address.. Can't run it...

Theopold Link
Originally posted by IronFoxGaming
It can't find my rom, no matter which file of it I try. .sfc, .srm, none work!
Same, actually.
 KPhoenix Link
It works in Windows 10. The INI message is saying no INI was found. Using the program will generate the INI file. It basically contains path information previously entered.
Ethiundo Link
.INI not found or damaged
N4m3_H3rE Link
Illegal memory address.. Can't run it...
TheLucraftTeam Link
oh yeah! it works!
Hedgemaster Link
"You liar. YOU DIRTY LIAR." - Joel
Lugigi Link
Didn't work for me. Apparently, I have to turn on DirectPlay but my computer is complete shit, so I have to go through complicated steps just to turn it on. It's not worth it.
TheDanielh05 Link
i dont get why everyone is saying this doesnt work on windows 10, it works perfectly fine for me
TruffleShroom Link
Make it be able to world on Windows 10
Romano338 Link
Yeah, old PC. Doesn't work on Windows 10.
Konata Izumi Link

works here, even on an old ass pc LOL
Romano338 Link
Impossible to open - Something about 0xc0000022
Ruiyabi Link
blitz runtime window
Ruiyabi Link
illegal memory address
IronFoxGaming Link
It can't find my rom, no matter which file of it I try. .sfc, .srm, none work!
MrMartley64 Link
Why do i get wierd sprites when i move a counter?
Mario3andU Link
It won't work!
 Roadhog360 Gaming Link
Love it! 5 stars!