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SMW Thank You Message Importer

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Comments (7)

EvaTheWingdale Link
Where's the part where you do a space?
orhoshmand Link
Can I change the order of the letter appearance into right to left? I am trying to translate Super Mario World to Hebrew, and Hebrew is written from right to left, reversed to English.
alnokitchen Link
Cool and good. It still works and is very easy to use.
RedCoin64 Link
The tool works. Just enter the ROM directory and file and then add the new text. Once you add the new text, the game replaces the original text, and the program closes.
danwaleby Link
Awesome! I thought it didn't work at first but it closing automatically means it worked so cool
MarkVD100 Link
It won't let me open, I did the ROM and the right text file, It just closed it.
SMWHackedHACK Link
Not works 100% have glitches in letters for T, the numbers, etc.