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Recover Lunar Magic v1.4

Tools → Recover Lunar Magic v1.4

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Comments (10)

ShoopDaWhoop Link
Is this a Virus?
Shorai Link
I can't even get it to run.
kaitri Link
this doesnt seem to work on the vldc's? i just wanna check out the overworld in all its glory
 Squiggs Link
Worked for me on Windows 10, but I had to do the command line thing that undefined0 is talking about.

Basically I had to hit Win+X, open Windows PowerShell, and use the cd command to change the directory to the folder that had RLM and the hack in it. Then I was able to use ./rlm.exe lockedromname.smc unlockedromname.smc to unlock a file.

Great tool, but I could do without a readme trying to convince me that everything in life should be free to anyone that wants to take it, and that anyone that locks up their work is selfish, and that you should be excited if someone steals your work because that means you did well with it... there's like six paragraphs about it. Pretty unnecessary rant tacked on to a basic tool that didn't need to say anything.
BearAndBoarFan Link
it dones,t work
undefined0 Link
Thanks, it works on windows!

You have to run it from the command line, like this:
MegaSonic1999 Link
The file is locatad in D partition in my computer which is not part of the system. how do I execute the program in D partition (did so because I don't have enough space on C)?
Guhadeen_EB Link
doesnt work on Windows 10. :D
 Hooded Edge Link
Same issue here
Hedgemaster Link
When I try to unlock hacks that have advanced editing, it doesn't work for some reason. Anything we can do about this?