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HxD Hex editor

Tools → HxD Hex editor

This file is obsolete. The latest version is HxD - Hex Editor and Disk Editor. For other versions, check the version history.

Submission Details

Name: HxD Hex editor
Author: Mael Horz
Version History: View
Operating System: Windows
Platforms: General
Games: General
Source Available: No
Featured: Yes
Website: None
Description: HxD is a simple to use but very powerful hex editor. Some of the more notable features include: fast opening of large files, file comparison, tabbed interface, file sharing, and many more.
See the readme for details.

Note that making hex edits to a Super Mario World ROM for hacking purposes is faster and more easily done by creating hex edit patches using this quick tutorial.
Tags: editor hex hex editor
Comments: 10 (jump to comments)
4.7 (22 ratings)
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Comments (10)

Shiva619 Link
Extremely Outdated!!!!!!!!!! #smw{>:|}
Klug Link
Just to take note that this one is SERIOUSLY outdated (Can't believe that I'm an idiot!). The latest version can be found here.
elmegahack Link
elmegahack Link
Lumy Link
By the way, AddmusicK allows to do that. In AMKGUI, look for:

15:  originals/21 Title.txt

and change it to the music you'd like to use, then run the program.
TheBiob Link
Originally posted by Imnever
can you change the SMW title screen music with this?

You can.
You shouldn't though. Make hexedits via patch. It's easier to keep track of and doesn't need the snes > pc address conversion
For example the music can be changed by doing:
org $0096C7
db $01 ; music number
Imnever Link
can you change the SMW title screen music with this?
Vitor Vilela Link
The tool has nothing to do with the ROM crash. Either you did something wrong or the person gave you a wrong offset or even some patch already edited the spot, causing the area to corrupt.

The solution is simply undo that move, if you know what was the previous value. If you don't know what was the previous value, then restore your ROM to the previous state in a separate copy, open it, go to that offset, see that value, and copy back to the corrupt ROM.

HxD is one of the best all-around hex editors and it simply does what it's supposed to.
Green Jerry Link
I tried to edit offset 2167 as seen in these comments:

Originally posted by DiscoTheBat
Open an hex editor at x2167 and change it to 00.

Originally posted by Ersanio
02167 $00:9F67 1 byte Misc. Set to 00 for Blur effect removal

I changed it and tested it but it made my ROM to freeze on a black screen on boot.

Rated this tool 1/5 stars because of this bug.
danwaleby Link
Awesome tool! Straight fireballs for the win