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SMW Customizer

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Submission Details

Name: SMW Customizer
Author: uyuyuy99
Operating System: Windows
Platforms: SNES
Games: SMW
Source Available: No
Featured: No
Website: None
Description: This tool allows for the easy customization of over 100 miscellaneous properties of the Super Mario World ROM. It's an easy-to-use program with a GUI, and allows you to edit anything from the speed of Bullet Bills, to how many points you get when collecting a 3-UP moon, to what sprite is spawned when you bring a P-switch to the goal, and much more!

Credit not necessary (but appreciated).
Tags: editor sprites utility
Comments: 32 (jump to comments)
4.7 (42 ratings)
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Download 1.46 MiB | 10,282 downloads

Comments (32)

nyankek Link
Hammer bros Link
oderjunks Link
Some of the options cause the program to contantly think you're clicking "change"

like sprite numbers -> sprite that spawns when yoshi eats enough red berries
A-l-e-x-99 Link
A good replacement for Lemetaal, at least for my uses (turn the horizontal red Paratroopas blue, make green berries give you 50 seconds, slow down the timer to roughly Super Mario Maker speeds). #smw{:TUP:}
LOLRyan2006 the Goombud Link
Some options can get you stuck.
You can't close the program (and my Task Manager is messed up too)
There is no "Go to top" button...
ninj Link
it works
Jack3G Link
Originally posted by CenTdemeern1
Originally posted by Files

*confused screaming*
JamesD28 Link
Really wish this would be updated to fix the Yoshi berries glitch, I had a whole level idea based around changing this setting. Other than that it's a great tool.
7threat Link
yygdrasil Link
amazing tool! i like thanks you
CenTdemeern1 Link
Originally posted by Files
 Pokemon Hacker Link
What if an evil mad scientist downloaded this??
Looks like I'm too late …
BullyWithAHat Link
Y'know what, this is a pretty good program!
Verliezer18 Link
whenever i run this program my computer goes insane and flips out and i can't close the program without going to task manager which is also messed up

help pleas
SaturatedMuk Link
It's a cool idea, but could you add a "Return to Top" button? All the scrolling gets annoying.
Scoutellite Link
Wow, such a genius!!
SteveGamer68 Link
Help, The dropdown list is too long to read
I can only read "What happens when Mario collect a mushroom" then nothing under (I think cause the dropdown is too long) :(
IronFoxGaming Link
Could you allow options for the speeds and spawned sprites of other things as well, please? It's a pretty amazing tool, but I don't know how to make a Boo move at 5x the speed without an option in this.
blue leader Link
Oh my!, when i used to be active, i could only dream of such a tool, and this sounds amazing!, i'll try it out on my next Hack, but for now, nice work! :D
Noober84555 Link
tu eres nuevo fabian hurtado esto sirve para editar super mario world y hex
soy nuevo hola
 Cascade Link
A useful tool for basic hex edits.

Just be sure that the ROM you intend to edit is in the same folder, otherwise it's impossible to close this program without using Ctrl+Alt+Del.
Mariofan64 Link
you can change the Yoshi options if you click on what to change it to, then mash clicks and quickly hit scroll up tabs, and then click return to menu. It saves, and the glitch dies until you try to make more changes.
Noober84555 Link
compatible with sa-1?

edit : it is yay!
SMWHackedHACK Link
Thanks! Helped me to disable the bonus game.
danwaleby Link
I found a glitch, if you change the sprite that baby Yoshi turns into, hold him and run left, and eat the 5th sprite while running, big Yoshi will pop out anyway.
Doopliss Link
This is really, REALLY cool! Thank you for making this! :D
Despite the fact that when you try to select the option for when Yoshi eats enough red or pink berries, it continually opens the drop-down menu. But that's okay, because I don't intend to use Yoshi in my hack. Thanks again! :)
 MarioFanGamer Link
Not very well programmed. It also has a stupid bug where once you click on "change" below "Sprite that spawns when Yoshi eats enough red berries" the tool thinks you always click on it, no matter if you really do that.
MarkVD100 Link
The list bar is where Yoshi eats red-berry doesn't let you leave when you open it.
Luigiguy42 Link
awesome tool! great for specialty hacks. My favorite feature is the "flag does not move up and down" thing for retro hacks
natnew Link
It does not work, as beating a level like this does not unlock the next for some reason.
 Vissova Link
I use this tool all the time. Very useful.