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Golden Egg 0.005

Tools → Golden Egg 0.005

Submission Details

Name: Golden Egg 0.005
Author: Romi
Operating System: Windows
Platforms: SNES
Games: YI
Source Available: No
Featured: Essential
Website: None
Description: Golden Egg is the main editor of Yoshi's Island. It allows object/sprite editing, Header Editor (tileset, music, etc.), palette editor, screen exit editor and much more features.

Note that this tools requires .NET Framework 4 and a Yoshi's Island 1.0 ROM.

Note: this is a WIP tool, therefore, there may be bugs in the Editor.

Also see the Golden egg discussion in
Tags: editor level editor
Comments: 8 (jump to comments)
4.5 (12 ratings)
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Comments (8)

MarioSMWGooder Link
still no new updates.
s a d
CruelKaizo310 Link
Very good. A little sad there is no more updates. But this is good none the less :D
Abashi76 Link
How do I edit and/or make levels with Golden Egg?
How hard is it to import and/or export levels?
olgdeldnem Link
Kind of sad that this is not getting more updates.
olgdeldnem Link
Ideas for Update 0.006!
Here are my ideas!
Supports yi 1.1 roms.
Gfx is extractable
Shows the in game sprites instead of their numbers
Now supports ExGFX
Extractable pallete
These are NOT in golden egg.
And i want someone to add them!
Thiago678 Link
Nice!!!I like it.
ShrekDaKoopa Link
Nice and a must get
 Counterfeit Link
Attention non-Windows users: .NET Framework 4.0 now works enough in WINE that Golden Egg is functional. I've tested everything, including saving to ROM, and it all works.

Unfortunately, there's not a lot this editor can do except objects, sprites and palettes within a level. You can't view backgrounds, edit entrances, or screen exits. Expect to have to consult this and the ROM map to finetune things to be the way you want them. Don't expect this to be the Lunar Magic of Yoshi's Island and you'll be fine.