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Higan v106

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Submission Details

Name: Higan v106
Author: Near
Operating System: Windows
Platforms: General, SNES
Games: General
Source Available: Yes
Featured: Yes
Website: Link
Description: higan (the new name to bsnes, while bsnes is still the name of the SNES emulation core) is a multi-system emulator created by byuu, widely regarded as the most accurate SNES emulator. It supports the following platforms:

- Nintendo Famicom (NES)
- Nintendo Super Famicom (SNES)
-.Super Game Boy
-.BS-X Satellaview
-.Sufami Turbo
- Nintendo Game Boy
- Nintendo Game Boy Color
- Nintendo Game Boy Advance (requires a BIOS ROM)
- Sega Master System
- Sega Game Gear
- Sega Mega Drive
- NEC PC Engine
- NEC SuperGrafx
- Bandai WonderSwan
- Bandai WonderSwan Color

It also transparently supports headered SMC files (so nothing of purifying games) through the included utility, icarus.
Tags: emulator
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Comments (3)

SmokyShroom Link
What about this is "most accurate" tho
erpster2 Link
higan v106 is an old version as byuu released v107 & greater on his web site near the end of year 2019:

latest version of higan he has there is now v109
 blank the blank Link
It's a pain in the ass to use, it chews up the resources like nothing else, and it doesn't have the same useful features as ZSNES, or SNES9X, but higan is important to preservation as a whole.