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Animated Water

SMW Graphics → Animated Water

Submission Details

Name: Animated Water
Author: ShadowDragon121
Type: Original
Purpose: Miscellaneous
Slots Used:
Palette Row(s) Used:
Description: This was rejected the first time I submitted it, so here's me again, resubmitting it as now under certain circumstances in other ExGFX, although I do include a map16 file for remaps.

- Sample level with assembled ExAnimation
- Map16 of 8x8 tiles 200-2FF
- Map16 of 8x8 assembled tiles
- A pretty water palette
- ExAnimation.bin (obviously)

Included in the actual GFX is slanted water, edited SMW water (so that it flows in one direction), sideways water, a waterfall ExAnimation made by WhiteYoshiEgg, and corner tiles for the slanted water.
No credit needed.
Tags: needs remoderation water
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