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Toad's Tool 64 Beta v0.5.994b

Tools → Toad's Tool 64 Beta v0.5.994b

Submission Details

Name: Toad's Tool 64 Beta v0.5.994b
Author: VL-Tone
Operating System: Windows, Mac OS X
Platforms: N64
Games: SM64
Source Available: No
Featured: Essential
Website: None
Description: Toad's tool is a level editor for SM64, with it you can add/remove stars, warps, objects, enemies, etc.

It also comes with a useful texture editor.
Tags: editor level editor
Comments: 6 (jump to comments)
4.8 (9 ratings)
No rating
Download 30.64 MiB | 6,448 downloads


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Comments (6)

Mario checks virus Link
CiaranMario Link
this is good! #smw{<3}
Denicentek Link
its nice but it needs better controls
Konata Izumi Link
Please Note: this tool has been obsoleted by SM64 Editor.
BoneyBrown Link
How good of a computer will I need for this to work?
Bill Cipher Link
esta muy padre me encanto pronto les dejare un rom si puedo :)