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VWF Level Intros v. 1.10

SMW Patches → VWF Level Intros v. 1.10

This file is obsolete. The latest version is VWF Level Intros v. 1.22. For other versions, check the version history.

Submission Details

Name: VWF Level Intros v. 1.10
Author: imamelia
Version History: View
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: Yes
Bug Fix: No
Featured: No
Description: This patch replaces the "Mario/Luigi Start!" that shows up when you enter a level with an intro similar to what Yoshi's Island has, where the level name is displayed a character at a time in a variable-width font.
Tags: level intro level name lorom mario start vwf
Comments: 4 (jump to comments)
Download 7.18 KiB | 912 downloads


Comments (4)

 Hooded Edge Link
Is there a way to add an intro sound just like in Yoshi's Island and Ninja Gaiden? I saw it in another Romhack and thought this could be like the vwf messages.
kiki79250 Link
j'ai suivi le readme a la lettre et ma rom plante lorsque je rentre dans un niveau...
lolyoshi Link

This happens on real hardware.
SlickNicky10 Link
How do you make it play a sound, like the Yoshi's Island level start?