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The Second Reality Project

Super Mario World Hacks → The Second Reality Project

Submission Details

Name: The Second Reality Project
Author: FPI
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 96 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard
Description: Super Mario World: The Second Reality Project (Version 1.5)
Super Mario World: The Second Reality Project (SNES-Version)

Difficulty Level: Easy -> Very hard
Playable stages: 75
Hack Status: Hack 100% Complete


This is my first SMW hack which I finished back in 2002. All the levels from the original are completely changed and much harder than the original game. This hack was one of the first complete SMW hacks, and it doesn't feature much of anything new besides level design: no new music, no new overworld, no new graphics, no ASM-hacking, no custom blocks and whatever.

However, a few years later I decided to use all these new possibilities of hacking, and remade the whole hack up to newer standards, so 2008 "The Second Reality Project Reloaded" was created. It fixed a lot of mistakes the original game had and adds lot of new stuff.
Still, I think it would be wrong to get rid of the original version just because the remake is out. Maybe I'm sentimental, but hey, this hack is how it all started for me.

There are two versions included in this archive:
The original version from 2002, which gets really hard near the end.
The "SNES-version" came out 2004, and it toned down the difficulty a bit.

Bowser is back again, more powerful than before:
He was able to find a parallel dimension and build up a big airship fleet in there because he is planning a huge attack on Mushroom Kingdom. He also kidnapped the princess one time more! It's a new incredible challenge for Mario and Yoshi!
Tags: story tsrp vanilla
Comments: 11 (jump to comments)
3.9 (14 ratings)
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Comments (11)

DoubleCakes Link
An interesting curiosity but with Reloaded available, there isn't much to experience aside from some blistering difficulty and a rather charming use of early world map hacking.
Ezel Link
This was one of the first hacks I've ever played, and it's a massive nostalgia bomb whenever I see anyone play either this or the Reloaded version. For its time, this hack has got a lot of really interesting ideas and FPI worked really well around the high limitations that the first versions of Lunar Magic used to have.

I only played the SNES version which has midways and a few levels have been changed to make them more manageable for the average player. I heard stuff that the final level in the original version is notoriously difficult, and way harder than the rest of the hack. It also had no checkpoints what made a lot of levels much more punishing.

Overall this hack was really good for its time, but don't expect anything groundbreaking when playing it now. Normally I'd recommend playing TSRPR instead, unless you'd like to see how FPI's work has evolved over time.
Metballs Link
Very old and classic hack that was honestly pretty good for 2002. Majority of this hack is pretty innovative and reasonable, but then you get to the late special world levels. They are very long and borderline ridiculous. Completing Bowser's Starship without savestates was probably one of the longest and hardest levels I've ever done. It took me a few days of full dedication to beat that.

Overall: the hack is good, but the special world stages will make you cry. If any of you are interested in FPI's work, I highly recommend playing the reloaded versions instead. 100% this without tools just isn't worth it imo
Holy Shinx Link
5 star because how old and good it is for that time
Dutch_Meatbal Link
Definitely a very hard hack due to lengthy levels. 4/5
 BeeKaay Link
Difficulty changed from Hard to Very Hard. Very Hard didn't exist when this was initially accepted, and is warranted given the extremely long and unforgiving levels towards the end of the hack.
supermario23 Link
This is very impressive for a 16 year old hack. I could only imagine how hard this was to make at such a early and primitive time both online and technologically. This was very influential on the SMW community. Solid 5 stars.#smrpg{gasp}
Danielsonic 87 Link
I really want to know...
HOW someone could do something like that on 2002??IT WAS SOOOOOO MUCH AHEAD OF IT'S TIMES from any other hack released(until 2002,at least)!
Level dsign is so good:much more better than standards of today(with all respect of all brave SMWhack developer on this site^^)and is much more difficult than many actual hack's.But is always fun,always so fresh with a great pleasure to play it without savestate,even if sometimes you have to go a look on Youtube to see some secret exits location...
the graphically modified areas is so good to look even if today we have some eyes' tastes a lot superior to this.
And the original to some Castles,some magic appeal^^they're so epic with the legendary Castle Theme:such a satisfation to complete some of them^^

For me,is one of the best hack I ever seen^^
I want to give an hand to FPI to create this monumental symbol of SMWhacking world.
5 stars are not enough to this,but I'll give it even if i am at half of this hack.CONGRATULATIONS,this is a true videogame that should be played more and more times^^

P.s:3.7???How is this possible to have a so low rate???
Green Jerry Link
I'm the 1000th downloader!
Daniel133 Link
Impossible clear Final level........
God Of Fruit Link
For a hack released in 2002, this is impressive. In an era of absolutely no standards, the level design has had a lot of thought put into it, which is probably why it translated so well into a remake with minimal changes. Most of it was very fun to play.

However, if you're not using savestates, do yourself a favor and play the SNES version (or the Reloaded version, which is based off it). Most of the game is doable if you're reasonably skilled, but the difficulty spikes severely at the Great Airship (which is the level where I finally gave in to using savestates). And don't get me started on Bowser's Starship. Are you one of the best SMW players in the world? Well screw you, you're still not beating it. It's that hard.

Overall, 4/5.