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Details for Super Mario World: The Secret of the 7 Golden Statues
Super Mario World Hacks - Super Mario World: The Secret of the 7 Golden Statues Link - Show random
File Name: Super Mario World: The Secret of the 7 Golden Statues
Authors: mario90
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 86 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: A hack I have been working on over the course of last September.

Story: Mario and Luigi were heading back to Peach's Castle after another one of their amazing adventures, however as soon as they walk in, Peach sends them out on another mission to collect the 7 Golden Statues which Bowser had stolen from her not long ago. Where did they come from? And what's so bad about Bowser stealing some statues?

Play and find out!

Even when the game ends, theres more to do!

-A few new animations
-Ground Pounding
-New Powerups
-Custom Enemies
-Custom Music
-Custom Bosses
-Item System (like SMB3/NSMBW)
-Pause Menu
-An Original Mario-like Story

And much much more!

Known bugs:
-Luigi might sometimes cause the music to reset on the Overworld when in World 4 and 6.
-Luigi will use Mario's GFX on the Overworld temporarily when you save the game, reset and come back to it.
-When using the Ice Flower I have made Mario/Luigi revert to their normal colors on the Overworld because for some reason they are transparent when they have that power while on the Overworld.
-At certain points in the game Luigi might warp to other places on the map. Don't worry however you cannot get stuck anywhere because of a feature I put in which I won't spoil here.

WARNING: This hack is confirmed to be broken in SNES9x and bsnes. [Reason: Not otherwise specified]
CAUTION: The first level of Bowser's Valley gets buggy after you've beat Bowser's Castle. Fireworks will appear out of nowhere in the level and it'll become unplayable in case you're going to play the said level again.
Tags: asm, exgfx, fixme, smas, traditional
Rating: 4.1 (Votes: 68)
Download: Download - 874.57 KiB
loved it man thank you for taking time out of your life to create for others
Posted by: cocox3502 - | Link
Retro Master HD
I really hope this Hack at some point in 2021 gets re modified and re edited to actually be very compatible with SNES9X Emulator so I can actually play it because it’s such an amazing Hack and I really want to be able to play it without any massive bugs of any kind. Really hope at some point 2021 this Hack gets re done to be compatible with SNES9X Emulator so I can actually play it like everyone else has. #thp{T_T}}#smw{<_<}#w{=|}. Even rated it a five star as well as I’ve seen gameplays of this Hack and it’s really amazing. #tb{:)}.
Posted by: Retro Master HD - | Link
Probably my favorite hack.
Posted by: drollpro - | Link
beautiful graphics UwU I'M IN LUV
Posted by: TheCowardlyBoy - | Link
jhonny alexander
very good game
Posted by: jhonny alexander - | Link
Fermín Acosta Jr.
Can you fix the Snes9x that glitched up. Please make Snes9x compatible
Posted by: Fermín Acosta Jr. - | Link
Hi Mario86,

This hack is awesome, especially when we see the creation date.

The story, new powerups, new bosses and overworld are awesome. The scenario is well thought, with some very funny parts =]

Difficulty is OK, but the last section of last level (boss rematch) is very hard, couldn't get it without savestates.

The stars feature is neat. Sadly, when I got all 64 and beat the first level of world 9, I found stuck with exactly the same problem as Flyingcape : no event triggered and I couldn't get it to the second level, leaving my total of exits at only 78/86. Is this an issue someone else encountered ?

I'll give you 9/10 (5 stars). A very great job thank you very muck =]
Posted by: NatsuFireball - | Link
a very nice hack with some bugs, mostly ones that made me laugh. especially the mentioned firework in bowsers valley.
the itembox not working on zsnes is a bit annoying, but you can say its my fault for using zsnes.

i really enjoyed the hack, the boomerang and hammer powerup seem to be not so good as the normal fireflower, but they can kill more entities and enemys than the fireflower. making them viable.

my only complaint is that i had 63/64 star coins, i visited every level again and the ones where it said i didnt collect the star coin here, i checked in lunar magic and i couldnt find it.
so i hacked myself into the star world and well... it was tbh the most boring world of all.
speaking of star coins its a bit of a let down that the hack tells you "... and who knows they might unlock something special" and soon you'll enter star world and it tells you you need ALL 64 star coins to enter the special world. "hey maybe theres a surprise for you... oh yea collect all and the surprise is a bonus world" meh.

the longjump is a bit too broken in my opinion especially with the tanooki suit.
the ground pound also is more annoying than helpful in my opinion.

gameplay is really nice and the levels are beautiful and well made.
the hack has a 4.0 and i have to agree with that.
4* and i recommend it.

the difficulty is hard and goes to very hard.
Posted by: kaitri - | Link
I loved the hack and everything about except that the item system won't work on ZSNES or some onlinw javascript emulators

And, Tbis hack REALLY needs a sequel because i really enjoyed it.
Posted by: MarioMaker15 - | Link
Excelente juego uno de mis favoritos de smw central unos cuantos arreglos de errores y sería super
Posted by: Alevalo97 - | Link
This hack brings back memories...
Good ones.
The level art is mostly YI and SMAS graphics.
3 new power ups.(not really)
All in all, this is my favorite SMW hack of all time.
It's just so good!
Makes me really want a sequel.
Posted by: Sketch - | Link
Posted by: Fabrcio - | Link
All of you guys who can't "run it" you probably have to use a rom with the .smc extension.... no I'm not going to give you a rom with the .smc extension... no I wouldn't give it to you even if you were to rate anything I submitted as 5/5...
Posted by: DeSelect64 - | Link
Cannot Start it! 0/10
Posted by: LeBronJames4DaWin - | Link
Green Jerry
[unused comment]
Posted by: Green Jerry - | Link
Bad checksum when run the ROM with Snes9x 1.52 fix 4, ZSNES, i'm trying to delete header but same result
Posted by: smwfans436 - | Link
why does level 8-1 get glitched out when you finish level 8-8 not the secret area
Posted by: h.carrell - | Link
i found a bug where when i collected all 64 star coins and then finish the first level of special world it doesnt let me go to the second level
Posted by: Flyingcape - | Link
Pretty broken, i got a bug on 1-1 where if Mario gets into the pipe and gets pushed by the moving block, he warps downward. Pretty awesome hack!
Posted by: Ed8_numbers - | Link
Looks like if this hack doesn't work on ZSNES either :3
Posted by: Wolffs - | Link
Blind Devil
Given the fact this is the currently most downloaded hack, I have to give my two cents here. So let me start.

The first time I played this hack was around 2010, when I joined SMWC. I did beat it, but didn't want to write a review, as I didn't feel ready to do so. Time went by, and I replayed it after seeing this in the top, questioning myself how it could have reached this point. And, for my disappointment, the hack is not that great as it seems. Yep, it may feature lots of exclusive gimmicks and mechanisms never seen in any other hacks of the time, but it's very clear that all of these stuff wasn't well planned. I mean, for almost every single aspect, I could break the game in countless manners.

If I time how long I keep pressed the button to swap players, I can glitch brightness, and when I enter a level, it messes up mosaic effect. Well, I can mess up stuff in the OW in lots of other ways - using the whistle and swapping players at the same time, prompting save menu, and so on.

When using Luigi, I often run into controller freezing. I'm unable to do whatever, so I'm forced to reset.

Pretty minor and non-gamebreaking, but I'm able to pause in most cutscenes.

Glitched my way to the Info/Options menu (Bonus Game) and got warped to death.

There were a lot of other glitches I couldn't picture (since I beat the whole game and couldn't reenter a few levels), like the item reserve spawning a Wooden Spike after playing as Peach in a certain level, getting stuck in Boss Rush Marathon after beating Fryguy. And aside from glitchfest, there are even more issues. Level design was very nice and acceptable... until I cleared Bullet Bill Cavern. Man, those damn pipe-dwelling Bullet Machines are annoying, and after beating this level, I was greeted with more and more levels featuring this demonic sprite. Even worse - they were coming from the ground with no warning! In other words, levels seemed filler from that point on, which feels lazy and boring. The soundtrack isn't the best (I don't think Megaman series songs fit with SMW environment at most), plus there's nothing new, as most songs are used in various other hacks. And at last, the story is kinda generic. Nothing against generic storylines, but I think it could use some work to make it more engaging.

Final words: this could have been A LOT better. It seems that the hack as a whole lacked testing, and that in the end, the author just rushed in order to have the hack finished quicker. I feel sad for writing a review of this type, full of criticism and practically no good feedback, but it's really, really frustrating to see that the most downloaded hack in SMWC doesn't do justice to its popularity. It's notably overrated.

2 stars.
Posted by:  Blind Devil - | Link
Working in Snes9X 1.51 1.52+ breaks the game.
Posted by: benjausen - | Link
I can't get this hack to work at all. I tried patching the Super Mario World (U) [!] ROM multiple times, with and without first saving it in Lunar Magic, and the ROM freezes on every emulator I try it on, including ZSNES. Is there any way I can get this to work? I would absolutely love to play this!
Posted by: KDJewl - | Link
@OmegaYoshi I have the Super Everdrive (China) and does not work, get many failures and then freezes the game! I had asked the same question. But it has one that works very well and recorded it running on Everdrive!
Posted by: Lucas - | Link
@MetalUpYourAss No, the hack will not work with a real SNES. If it shows a warning that it won't work with snes9X/BSNES, it won't work with a real SNES.
Posted by: Kyanite - | Link
Can you not make this work for SNES9x properly so it will run on a Wii? It's got the most downloads and it's a shame I can't play it...
Posted by: RiVaL_SMW - | Link
Great hack, man. I'm still playing it (i have 56 :B) but sometimes i want to smash my screen because some parts are frustating as fuck. But, it's the first time since Brutal Mario that i'm playing a hack all the way through, so that's nice... i guess xD.

Also, i have a question. Do this hack works on a real SNES?, i want to buy a Super Everdrive, so i wanted to know.
Posted by: MetalUpYourAss - | Link
What game do I patch, I've tried super Mario all stars +world and plain smw.
Posted by: Daemon64 - | Link
Thanks , where i can to download?
Posted by: smw_14 - | Link
ZSNES 1.51 is safe to use for this hack.
Posted by: Mirann - | Link
Can you help me? i m new, i want to play this game, but i dont know which emulator download, please help me!
Posted by: smw_14 - | Link
BEST HACK EVER! Tears of joy ran down may face while I was playing! Can you tell me the links where you got the hammer, boomerang and ice powers, I want to use them in my hack. Thanks for a work of art!
Posted by: EpicRedToad101 - | Link
MUSIC: 1*(6/10) There's not a big variety of musics. Some of them, mainly the rest areas music, were really overused on the game, while some just played 2 or 3 times. Also, some musics just don't fit the level atmosphere (dark levels with happy musics). This happens mostly on the last levels; the first worlds are great.


GRAPHICS: 2*(10/10) You created some very nice atmospheres concerning other mario games. You placed well the enemies along the scenario, making the ambient very close the original ones, like SMW2 and SMB3.


OVERWORLD: 1*(7/10) The entire overworld is well done. The only main problem is when we must use yoshi to get to the space levels. Everytime you switch between mario and luigi, you must use the whistle to return to peach's castle and get yoshi again, as you always lose him when you die in a level. That's really upseting.


LEVELS: 3*(7/10) Like I said before, levels fit the atmosphere well. There are many orginal ideas here I never saw in any other hack before. Plus, this is one of the first hacks I played we can start and finish without having to save and load states all the time. Good job there. However, there are also some lack of creativity here. There are many levels based on grinders and chainsaws.
Piranha plants, venus traps and the pipe cannons were hugely overused over near all levels. After sometime, it gets repetitive and boring, since you know what will happen and know what you have to do. The monty moles comming out of the ground, after their first appearance, also gets a little repetitive.
The star coins feature is great. None of them are really hard to get. Anyone who pays a bit of attention to the hints on the levels will find them without major problems. I felt like you thought how people will think where they are while playing the level, and that's amazing.
Minigames are a very nice feature, but they are just too easy and can let people get too many items. The new powerups lose their "special feeling".

Now, pointing some specific levels:
2-4 Mushroom Falls: pretty interesting level. Fits well with the music and the background. The turnips and the POWs created a new challenge.
4-3,4-4 Pyramid Pass: This is one of the most interesting ambients, different from most desert scenarios from most hacks. Cool, man.
6-5 An Unexpected Appearance: Great job here. This level interacts well with the game story, and the timed escape makes it more professional.
6-6 Peach Level: This was an unexpected appearance. Nice idea.
8-1 Deep Dark Caverns: Very original level. The problem is, like I said, the overused monty moles up to this point, since the forest levels.
8-5 Valley Ghost House: Simple puzzle, but that's not a bad thing. I just thought the normal exit to be more hidden than the secret one.
World 9: It's pretty disapointing. The levels are short compared to the others, and easier than the game's average difficulty. Unfortunately, there's nothing special on this world. I would say, if you are having a hard time finding the stars, think twice, because this world is just made of some random levels (2 of them with the rest area music), not very well designed.
Castles: They were usually not very ambientative (except for the icy one). Doesn't matter if you are on the desert or on the space, they are always the same.


STORY: 1*(9.5/10): One of the greatest interactions with a game's story I have ever seen in a SMW hack. Really well done. Even minor interactions make the game a lot more enjoyable.

BLUE SWITCH PALACE: (-1) You must complete the level "3-6 Piranha Plant Cave" before completing the level "3-A Cailey, the Cheep Cheep's Cave" one. If you complete the level 3-A by passing the exit point instead of activating the palace switch, they path to castle 3 will be bugged. It will appear, but after you complete level 3-6, you won't be able to use the path, and there's no way to continue the game from this point.
ITEM BOX: (-0,5) Once you turn it off, you can't turn it on again, not even if you reset the game.
UNWANTED YOSHI: (-0,1) On the level "7-7 Moon Fortress", you can't enter the castle while riding yoshi. But you can get him inside once you get the midpoint and die. His tongue graphics are bugged. You can't use him to defeat the lakitu boss, though. It's not a serious bug.
Bugs Overall: -1,6

Even with the problems, the game is still enjoyable due to the many added features. The game itself is a new challenge and obviously hard worked. But you should fix the palace bug. I lost my whole game after I got to the world 3.


I'm forced to lower the average note due to the bugs. But still, I liked your game more than this game overall represents.
Posted by: mangolo - | Link
Awesome! hack @mario90 :)
Posted by: ChowderCartoonNetworkAlejandro - | Link

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