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5 Orbs

Super Mario World Hacks → 5 Orbs

Submission Details

Name: 5 Orbs
Author: Shy-Hi
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 16 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Easy
Description: After the events in Dinosaur Land, Mario and the princess decided to take a vacation on Paradise Island, not knowing that Bowser still hasn't gave up. While Mario was taking a walk he received a message from Toad. Looks like Peach got kidnapped again. It's time for a new adventure, with a few drops of mushrooms. This hack features:
New OW
Few ASM Patches
Tags: asm exgfx traditional
Comments: 4 (jump to comments)
4.7 (9 ratings)
No rating
Download 303.20 KiB | 2,872 downloads


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Comments (4)

8BitAvenger Link
Way too hard for "Easy". Part of this is that you have 5 lives and very few save points. Lots of enemy spam, auto-scrollers have stuff coming at you from off-screen, if you jump too quickly there's often nowhere safe to jump, etc.

I wasn't a huge fan of the custom sprites.

Sections without enemy spam were fairly enjoyable.
Manperson Link
This is a very good hack, i wish it was more than a demo! here are my ratings:

Gameplay- 40/50- the gameplay is pretty decent and is very enjoyable. finding all the secrets is hard, but makes the game more fun. some parts are a bit glitchy, but hey, thats SMW for ya.

Textures- 25/25 Wow! almost everything has a custom texture! that is very impressive! everything looks pretty good, although i dont like a few of the textures, ex. the munchers, it makes the game a whole new experience.

Music- 0/10 no custom music :/

Overworld- 4/5 The overworld looks absolutely beautiful, but i dont like the way that Mario looks.

Grammar- 5/5 the grammar is good, no mistakes :)

Difficulty- 4/5 I think the difficulty should be Normal, but due to its shortness, it remains Easy

Overall- 78/100 5 Stars. Wow, not many hacks that i rate get 5 stars, but this one deserves it. it is well made with amazing texture, and a joy to play!

why did i spend all this time typing this, you may ask? well, i dont know. i want the creator(s) of the hack to know how he did and infrom people of how the hack is. thank you for reading this, (if you did) and please, download this hack!
jakub Link
Everything is wonderful!
bluewiregaming Link
Honestly a splendid hack, even if it is just a demo. The sprites and overworld are absolutely beautiful! Wonderful stuff and really fun