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Mario's Strange Quest

Super Mario World Hacks → Mario's Strange Quest

Submission Details

Name: Mario's Strange Quest
Author: yoshifanatic
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 79 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Easy
Description: Finally, the moment some of you have been waiting for. After six months of hard work, I present the full version of Mario's Strange Quest! Now for the actual description:

In Mario’s Strange Quest, formally known as Super Mario World Custom 2, Mario embarks on a quest to find the seven Yoshi eggs that Bowser stole. Why did Bowser steal the eggs in the first place? You have to play to find out! If you thought this will be a typical quest, you thought wrong. You won’t always know what to expect; what kind of bizarre obstacles will Mario face on his journey?

This hack features:
-Custom Graphics
-Custom Music
-66 Levels
-Lots of Level Variety
-Custom Overworld. Credit goes to Corruptendo for making the overworld.
-Custom Blocks
-SNES Compatibility
Tags: asm exgfx music variety
Comments: 12 (jump to comments)
4.4 (14 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (12)

crismemoria Link

mario's strange quest uma hack engraçada, vamos por partes, a jogabilidade, essa hack ela é similar a dificuldade do super mario world original nos 2 primeiros mundos e ate sendo bem balanceada nos outros mundos, e as mecanicas em alguns niveis tipo na "temptation woods" que você não pode pegar powerups ou moedas ou vidas, essa hack tambem ela tem piadas que estão na sua frente (como os blocos de fala) ou escondida nos niveis(como as falsas e engraçadas mensagens de erro), as musicas, sendo bem sincero as musicas desse jogo foram bem escolhidas mas algumas não combinam com o nivel, a "flipped plains" é um exemplo, os graficos, os graficos são no estilo redrawn que são lindos, mas tem alguns problemas nessa hack, essa hack não teve nenhum bug mas tem um problema, a capa ela é extremamente overpower, principalmente nos switch palaces, outro problema é a "bowser's tower" que fica muito complicado se não usar save state, mas tirando isso a pergunta "eu recomendo essa hack?", sim e muito, ela é uma hack bem engraçada com um level design justo(tirando a "bowser's tower") e graficos bonitos.


mario's strange quest a funny hack, let's go by parts, the gameplay, this hack is similar to the difficulty of the original super mario world in the first 2 worlds and even being well balanced in the other worlds, and the mechanics in some levels like in "temptation woods " that you can't get powerups or coins or lives, this hack also has jokes that are in front of you (like the speech blocks) or hidden in the levels (like the fake and funny error messages), the songs, being well honestly the songs of this game were well chosen but some do not match the level, the "flipped plains" is an example, the graphics, the graphics are in the redrawn style that are beautiful, but there are some problems in this hack, this hack had none bug but there's a problem, the cape is extremely overpower, especially in switch palaces, another problem is the "bowser's tower" that gets very complicated if you don't use save state, but apart from that the question "do I recommend this hack?", yes and a lot, and it is a very funny hack with a fair level design (exept "bowser's tower") and nice graphics.
edwinmusic Link
MegaSonic1999 Link
The hack seems completed for me, so I don't know why you said that it's a demo in the submission?
Redstoneminer23 Link
Good Hack!#tb{^V^}#w{=3}#smrpg{y}#smw{:TUP:}#smw{:peace:}#wario{^_^}#lm{exppal}
Redstoneminer23 Link
Good Hack!#tb{^V^}#w{=3}#smrpg{y}#smw{:TUP:}#smw{:peace:}#wario{^_^}#lm{exppal}
Badd Taste Link
I really enjoy this hack I've played quite a few and this is one that kept my interest the whole game I'm actually curious if there's anywhere where I can download 1.1 to try that one also noticed a few small changes I would like to beat both versions
kaitri Link
im really not sure why this hack is rated easy. out of all the "easy" hacks i played this one is the hardest. to me he was harder than a lot of the "normal" hacks i played aswell.

the hack has a bunch of really nice gimmicks and "special" levels. graphics are beautiful, music is not bad but sometimes doesnt fit in my mind.
some secret exits can only be finished later when you got a switch palace that is not in the same map/world which i really like.

there is a lot of custom blocks that 1shot kill you, usually they are some sort of "drinkable fluit" that always comes with a message box telling you that some crazy company designed these drinks because they are "to die for". which captures the humor of games like banjo tooie really great where a rhino is sneezing on its burgers and doesnt understand why noone wants them... and you feed them to a bear who then gets sick.

overall a really great hack, but in my opinion the difficulty is normal - hard.
some stages like the one shown in screenshot 10 are impossible the first try. its basically a kaizo-autoscroller where you have to hit certain blocks at kinda specific times to get a boost and dont die. due to the speed you sometimes dont jump. or sometimes touch them too early/too late. this level took me 27 attempts. maybe im just shit (which i am) but yea this hack is anything BUT EASY.

still 4/5.
zuken Link
The last castle doesn't have a save option, making it impossible to save progress within the last 9 levels leading up to bowser's castle. Clearing a level that let you save over again does not allow saves making it so you have a finite number of potential saves to complete the game. Also many levels lack a checkpoint. The hack has a lot of potential and a lot of effort shows, but it lacks polish.

Given the number of levels that exclude Yoshi and a Cape, the power ups should be excluded entirely except for a Yoshi in the puzzle room of bowser's castle.
Aurel509 Link
Dammit, please change the difficulty. It's not easy but normal / hard
mariomon1 Link
This is the first hack I played trying hard to avoid using save stat.Great, you start appreciating 1 ups again and also repeat levels, so you get a closer connection to the game.

This hack is awesome! I really liked the challenging, yet not too hard levels. It has a Starworld and some other secrets, also lots of interesting custom stuff, well done. Fighting the big boo in the woods was great, took me a while to figure out the way. Great P switch puzzles! Mirror ghost house also a favourite!
The very last level, I choose the right door, the puzzle way. I
fed Yoshi with a Mushroom I brought with me from item box, but that's not the right way I guess. I have no idea about that mushroom in that level, how to get it and what it is for.

I really liked the gameplay. There are many hacks out there with random bullet fire, 4 shooting flowers at the same time, just to make it stupid hard, but this hack don't. Thanks! Music ist also good, I liked the music in a lot of levels.

Little things to criticise: Some levels have a ceiling made of blocks, which is above the screen. When you don't know that, you bounce down from it straight into a gap and die. Also, those no Yoshi screens get really tiring after a while, especially when there is another entrance screen to the level. In some levels the midway point was not choosen carefully. Only in Beanbean Cave I had to use savestat. That level is frustating and sucks. The item boxes have no meaning, if you disable that so much wanted feather in almost all of them. You can easily go back to already finished levels, get mushroom and flower and just 'start select'-leave. It would be cool to by a feather for a hogh price like some extra lives or have to beat the clock in some race or whatever.

Bottom line: Great hack, lots of positive 'Wow'-things, I am sure to see more in Yoshis strange quest, which I am looking forward to play soon!
NatsuFireball Link
Hello Yoshifanatic,

I enjoyed playing your hack very much ! You put very original stuff, such as funny dead-ends and level design. I loved the music, being a big Miyamoto fan =]

The difficulty is well-balanced, but I wouldn't say that it is easy. It is rather normal, and becomes very hard to the end. I figured out to find all 79 exits without using any savestate, but it was a very tough task though.

I loved your graphics, very good job ! And so is the overworld, although quite messy with the switch palaces : you have to go to world 6 in order to find the star warp that leads you to star world where you can find red switch (after completing 2 levels), and only then you can go back and find green switch in world 4 which lets you push the green one that lets you finally find the secret exit of the first level of world 3.

The only thing that I found a bit tiring was the location of the secret Yoshi Shop, the only one where you can buy the cape, for 50 coins. It leads to long walks back to get one. Maybe you could put this shop in star world, in order to centralize this ? This would be more convenient =]

I had a very good time playing this funny and inventive hack !

9.5/10 (5 stars) Thank you =]

mangolo Link
MUSIC (10/10): Noticed lots of DK and Zelda musics here. They were chosen and used properly and fits the ambient well. Nice work here.


GRAPHICS (9/10): You are very good when creating ambients and combining background with enemy sprites in the level. They look weird in some cases, but in overall they are ok, except for the zombie waffle, popcorn and the M box stuff. They look awful.


OVERWORLD (6/10): Even though paths were changed, it's too simple, and seems you took their decoration (like hills, bridges etc) off in most cases. They are also very similar to the original ones.


LEVELS (4/10): Most levels are short and some have no midpoints. They are poorly decorated, being almost always a single path to the end. Chucky were overused, mainly in worlds 1,2,3 and 4. Also, if you don't find the green palace, you won't find any cape during the gameplay, and even if you do, you're not allowed to use it in most levels. The same for Yoshi.

-Muncher Forest: If you lose Yoshi here, you'll die. You must complete the whole level without getting hurt by anything, and that's very annoying when you try to complete the level in a fair way (without loading states).
-Coin Land: Very intersting level. The idea was good, but the design was not. Just lots of blocks poorly placed and koopas until the end.
-Wacky World: One of the best ideas you had. The level is senseless, but that's what makes it cool. After some time, the weird colors get nasty, but that's ok, since there's only one level like that one.
-Poison Bog: Another amazing scenario. The main problem here is how you used both kind of vines. Making some of them purple in the middle, then green, then purple again makes it sound like noob stuff. It shows something like "I don't know what I'm doing". You made ways through the vines in an unreal way.
-Mirror Ghost House: Cool new idea here, but very annoying.
-Laboratory Beach: Terrible background choice here. That's not like a beach, is like a lab with an enormous paint on the background.
-Cookie Climb: I enjoyed this level, but I doubt someone wouldn't load the states in case of an accident.
-Bowser's Castle: Carrying the P-switch is pointless. Makes the hard way a lot harder for nothing.


HUMOR FACTOR (2/10): The error messages are just too annoying, and so not funny. You made that message too many times. Also, the info blocks, regarding the bosses and Mario's speech, were pretty ridiculous and unreal. No one would write "Unless I forgot..., or I think I did...." and spoil what you have to do. Sounds unreal too. There were some good ones, like the Wild Mario screen, the 8-bit old man and Cap. Falcon's screen, but the annoying ones are a lot more common on the game.


STORY (3/10): Like the original SMW story. Nothing impressive here.
In many levels, you give lame excuses to place deadly objects around, many of them being senseless, like zombie waffles, deadly popcorns, evil munchers, yellow ice, soda drinks, hair gel and cold lava (that's what we call rock). That ruins the feeling of the game.


FINAL NOTES: You have a nice ability to create ambients in the game, but you don't explore them. They are always too simple and too predictable. Drink more milk man, makes you feel good.