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Mario's Keytastrophe

Super Mario World Hacks → Mario's Keytastrophe

Submission Details

Name: Mario's Keytastrophe
Author: S.N.N.
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 51 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: The musical land of Melodia has been cursed by an evil, shipwrecked crew. Their intentions are unknown, but their captain is seeking something that could scar the land for all time. Things only heat up when an ancient war between two kings is reawakened in the middle of the land.

Will Mario be able to put an end to this?

WARNING: Not fully compatible with SNES9x/bsnes. ZSNES 1.42 strongly recommended. [Music]
Tags: asm exgfx fixme music original soundtrack puzzle
Comments: 9 (jump to comments)
4.5 (21 ratings)
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Comments (9)

kvbriggs Link
I know zsnes is recommended for this rom, but does anybody know how to fix audio issues in retroarch? The game music and sound effects are all fine, but there is an extra repeating pulsing sound, very loud, that sounds almost like a CD or record skipping. The noise begins as soon as you start the first stage and never goes away. After disabling every sound layer in the retroarch settings, the only sound that remained was the awful skipping/pulsing noise.

The game does work fine in zsnes for me, but I'm playing the game with a friend over netplay and we need to toggle back and forth who is player 1 since this is a 1 player game. That's a very complicated ask on zsnes, and a hotkey in retroarch. Anyway, I've played this hack before, and left it a very favorable review :) We'll play it on mute and put some music on if need be.

edit: I should add that I've tried all the different snes cores for retroarch and tinkered a bit in the audio settings. Resampler, synchronization, driver, etc.

budget_toaster Link
This is certainly a great hack. Played it multiple times and still was fun, but granted, better to play this hack on ZSNES due to music issues.
chronic Link
It looks like I have the chksun problem: fail
I'm using ZSNES 1.42 but the game does not start and the screen goes black, can you help me?
Remc1990 Link
does anyone know how I get him working on the snes mini
SuperMarioFan55589 Link
LexiNata Link
This is one of the most, if not - THE most amazing hack I have ever played. I enjoy puzzle games, and this was just so fun and challenging to play. I really hope you finish this game, S.N.N. The story, designs, and custom music show how talented you are. I can also tell that you are either into classical music, you are musically talented and probably play an instrument, or both haha. I don't understand how the key in the hole thing is repetitive, though... lol. Oh well, to each their own. You're definitely an inspiration.
ikari_01 Link
I hope this isn't out of place.

Sequence data seems to be missing "echo off" commands (#$F0) for tunes that don't use echo. Echo write IS turned off properly though. Thus, when changing from overworld to in-level, echo buffer content from the previous tune is looped indefinitely, resulting in static noise. ZSNES was probably inaccurate enough to treat the "echo write" flag as a global "echo enable" flag which is not the case. Echo volume needs to be set to 0 as well.

I know nothing about SMW hacking but if you have the actual song files it should be possible to insert an "F0" command somewhere at the beginning of each tune (unless you want echo) and inject it again using addmusic?
kvbriggs Link
This hack is amazing. I love the puzzles and challenges, it really changes the game play in a mentally challenging way without actually changing the game play. I went through this hack a couple years ago and wanted to play it again in recent months but couldn't remember the nae of it for the life of me! I made my very first post ever on the forums asking for help remembering the name and someone hooked me up in less than half an hour. Looks like I've got my night all figured out!
Hackerman9001 Link
Love it, you inspire me. JK