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Mario's Search for the 8 Jewels

Super Mario World Hacks → Mario's Search for the 8 Jewels

Submission Details

Name: Mario's Search for the 8 Jewels
Author: MaiK
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 96 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: WARNING: This hack is known to be incompatible with some emulators. [Reason: not otherwise specified.]
Tags: exgfx fixme
Comments: 10 (jump to comments)
4.0 (23 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (10)

SirMystic Link
Fine, adequate hack. As noted by Theresy, actual exit count is 103, not 96. Level design is fine, for the most part I liked the shorter length with no checkpoints other than some castles which were a little long, especially if the boss fight was janky or annoying
(mainly the fights with the giant face and Yoshi's Island boss)
. Other than that and the constant searching for springs to progress in too many levels, the hack is fun overall. 3/5 #smw{:TUP:}
Theresy Link
Just finished all exits, the exit count is wrong, 103 normal, 105 if you count the bonus boss and Bowsers Castle. For the most part liked this game, does have some repetitiveness in the level design (go grab spring/p-switch and backtrack), however did like the boss fights and there were some cool ideas.

Played on Snes9x 1.60 with the echo option enabled to get it to work.
ScorpionDon_22 Link
Hack Audio is unstable. After falling from mario's ship sound got all weird. Reset the game and after one level sound was just some loud chopping
DyroccYT Link
Not playable. Test on RetroArch with as many cores that could find. All of them had various issues pop up leading to an eventual crash such as backgrounds not loading, music disappearing on death, music being completely janked to the point of TV snow on death, etc.
Danik2343 Link
Great Hack, Some problem with music on Snes9x, But with Znesn no problem with music.
PM-Faster Link
Great Hack good Job :)
Holy Shinx Link
There were really good levels, but hack itself had some major problems
First off no powerups and yoshi, only shrooms
No checkpoints, I mean c'mon you should've add ones before bosses and several of them to longer levels, starting over because you failed on boss isn't nice
Final boss was a joke
secret were mostly fine, I like that some level tease you with seeing keyhole through wall
thats minus 2.5 stars, add 0.5 because of "!" sign to give info that level has two exit, more hacks need that, so 3/5, and you can always put fireflowers and yoshis without blue shell, this will make levels break free and give it some variation
Giftshaven Link
I felt like playing this as my first hack in over 9 months, which happens to be even before I made an SMWC account.

I beat all 96 or so exits too (don't ask me why, I was just bored), but I'm gonna say it with real honesty; this is horrible level design. Either that, or this hack was good at the time, but it did not age well. Here's what is bad about most of your levels to me:

There are NO midpoints.
There are ONLY mushrooms as power-ups.
There's no Yoshi at all, yet you give the player a Yoshi's House replica later on as the "Top Secret Area" of this hack.
You hide most of the keys needed for secret exits behind the foreground graphics.
A lot of the time, you require a player to grab a springboard, and drag it to the area they need to use it.
Literally, ALL of your ghost houses have a big boo boss at the end with limited throw blocks to use. Repeating this over and over again was not enjoyable at all.
One of your ghost house levels has a directional coin + P-switch puzzle with a reset door. But there's a problem with that. Resetting after messing up the snake of coins will not give you a second chance because it becomes a standard coin block. Did you not play-test this one level?
I noticed that one of the message blocks early on had grammatical errors in it.
The castle 5 boss, while I get it's kind of a funny meme, the hit box is not visible to the player in any way, and with limited throw blocks, and projectiles flying everywhere, it was to the point of the boss itself being unfair.
The castle 6 boss has such a small window of a hit box. Because the enemy is in the lava, you CANNOT miss at all, or else it's an instant death.
There are some slopes that were in a few of your cave levels that can be clipped through just by walking into it. Heck, even enemies were able to clip some of them.
The green switch was a disappointment. There's only 2 levels that had the green blocks, and they don't even give the player a cape!
SPOILERS: The final boss was basically SMB Bowser 5 times; each one having only minor differences. Nothing epic honestly.

I figured I'd also add this bit of general info here:

The FOUR special world secret exits all lead to ONE level. Why?
For some reason on the overworld, entering the pipe to go from World 6 → World 7, then re-entering it takes me to the World 5 pipe.
I can't seem to find any replay value in any of these levels (except for Special 4 maybe).

I took the time to 100% this, and if there's one thing I can say, I'm just glad I'm done playing it.

This is harsh for me to do this, but I'm going to give this a 1/5.

EDIT: I changed it to 2/5.

Someone brought this up to me. I didn't take account for the aesthetics, or the graphics and music, when I made my previous rating. I won't deny the fact that there's at least a good amount of effort into making everything look not as bland. The graphics were nice, but it could've been a little more consistent between levels (maybe have them all the same per world). I think there were some levels that had broken palettes. Custom music is always good to have, so that's a plus. The aesthetics aren't justifying the overall design of the hack though. I still think the level design is the thing that needs the most improving.

Also one more thing: Minimal power-ups within hacks (mushrooms only) don't really work with me. I see it as more of a hack with "no power-ups", because it's really bland to just only ever see mushrooms as the most you're going to get out of a ? box. I've realized that picking up more and more of them when I already have one is just pointless. If there's going to be "no power-ups" at all, why not just keep Mario big and implement a health bar instead and have it so that mushrooms fill up your health?
NatsuFireball Link
Hello MaiK,

This is a very pleasant hack, with a lot of new stuff and many pleasant ASM hacks too !

I figured out to find all exits without using savestates, although some levels were quite hard (especially Special 1 and 4).

To this point, although the counter of exits at title screen blocks at *96, I found 104 exits in reality (95 in normal World + 9 in Special World), which is the actual number of total exits if I'm right ?

It was a very great idea of placing a "!" in the title of levels which have a secret exit but are not represented by a red dot on the map (like Ghost Houses). This is very pleasant for the gamer, as we know if we have to spend a lot of time or not in this type of level, and thus we don't spend time useless when it's not necessary. A VERY big up for this !

It was fully playable on the latest version of ZSNES for me.

10/10 I have totally enjoyed it. Thank you very much =^.^=