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An SMW Central Production

Super Mario World Hacks → An SMW Central Production

Submission Details

Name: An SMW Central Production
Author: SMW Central
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 117 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: The first ever collaboration hack created by over 200 users of SMW Central. It is Peach's birthday, and Mario and Luigi must go and gather eggs to make her a cake. Things aren't quite as normal as they seem along the way though...

v1.6 update: Attempt to fix the crashes. Thanks to HuFlungDu for the fix.
Mod Note: This fix doesn't correct everything, therefore the hack is still not compatible with a real SNES (or accurate emulators). More on that below.

fixme: The Counterfort and Adventus Terminus cause crashes on accurate emulator, possibly other issues
Tags: asm bosses collab exgfx fixme variety
Comments: 29 (jump to comments)
3.8 (54 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (29)

XAMER212 Link
Cool hack, but some bugs spoil it, and the difficulty of some levels is very different.
 Pokemon Hacker Link
amazing hack, but were the softlock levels ever fixed ??
Hellsadramelech Link
We arent going to mention you can just go into peaches castle and talk to her and the credits roll. #tb{XD}
Jeyson29 Link
Versión 2022 de este hack en español
Heitor Porfirio Link
Has anyone played at least until the final castle, does the final boss really make the emulation freeze?
crismemoria Link

an smw central production é uma hack boa com muitos problemas(principalmente com fases bugadas), essa hack poderia ser muito boa em 2010 mas hoje em dia essa hack é um chaos de jogar, vamos por partes, a jogabilidade da hack, a jogabilidade dela é bem similar ao super mario world original mas o problema é o level design, por ser um colab algumas partes ficam bem desbalanceadas, um exemplo é o nivel "treacherous tower" que ela era para ser com uma dificuldade leve pois ainda é o primeiro mundo mas ela não é, eu juro que tive que derrotar o chefe com muito pouco tempo(mais ou menos 50 segundos faltando), e em outros niveis é bem mais complicadas do que é para ser, outro exemplo é a "rupture in reality", se eu tiver usado 30 save states nesse nivel foi muito, as musicas, eu tenho que dar os parabens para quem escolheu as musicas dessa hack pois são muito boas, os graficos tambem são exelentes(exeto os chargin chucks) mas graficos e musicas não faz eu gostar da hack principal mente se estiver toda bugada, se for jogar essa hack POR FAVOR USE A VERSÃO 1.3, os niveis "the counterfort";"adventum terminum" e a ultima forma do boss final elas quebram a emulação da hack e isso não é legal, se puder encontre uma versão antes da 1.5 para poder jogar, sendo bem sincero quando eu joguei no snes9x 1.61 no retroarch tive varios bugs no audio do jogo(principalmente quando no nivel tinha echo) e mesmo configurando o snes9x ainda sim dava os bugs no audio, eu não sei se era o emulador ou a hack mas eu não achei legal isso, agora a pergunta é "eu recomendaria essa hack?", não nessa versão, essa hack mesmo com problemas ela é divertida em algumas partes, as musicas se encaixam bem com os niveis, o problema é com a versão 1.6 da hack, eu recomendo darem uma procurada pela versão 1.3 da hack para evitar problemas.


an smw central production is a good hack with many problems (mainly with buggy levels), this hack could be very good in 2010 but nowadays this hack is a chaos to play, let's go by parts, the gameplay of the hack, its gameplay it's very similar to the original super mario world but the problem is the level design, because it's a colab some parts are very unbalanced, an example is the "treacherous tower" level that it was supposed to be with a light difficulty because it's still the first world but she is not, I swear I had to defeat the boss with very little time (about 50 seconds left), and in other levels it is much more complicated than it should be, another example is the "rupture in reality", if I have used 30 save states at this level it was a lot, the songs, I have to congratulate those who chose the songs of this hack because they are very good, the graphics are also excellent (except the chargin chucks) but graphics and music does not I like the hack especially if you are see all bugs, if you are going to play this hack PLEASE USE VERSION 1.3, the levels "the counterfort";"adventum terminum" and the last form of the final boss they break the hack emulation and that's not cool, if you can find one version before 1.5 to be able to play, being very honest when I played on snes9x 1.61 in retroarch I had several bugs in the game's audio (especially when the level had echo) and even configuring snes9x it still gave bugs in the audio, I don't know if it was the emulator or the hack but I didn't think it was cool, now the question is "would I recommend this hack?", not in this version, this hack even with problems it is fun in some parts, the songs fit well with the levels , the problem is with version 1.6 of the hack, I recommend giving a search for version 1.3 of the hack to avoid problems.
slakkmichael Link
So in honor of SMWCP 2 being released, I thought I'd give this one a try and see how far I can go without savestates.
wilsonics Link

I downloaded v1.6 and is verified playable on SNES9x 1.60. I'm using this inside Retroarch and it's the Snes9X (current) core and version is listed as 1.9.12 (1.60).

I don't have any issues with lockups on levels as mentioned below. No noticeable graphical glitches. Only slowdowns where you would expect, when too many enemies are on the screen.

I hope this information helps you enjoy this fun game.

It does have some great music but some of the assets are a bit messy. Chargin chucks look stupid, they seem to blob together as if they were painted with a huge paintbrush.

it looks like most every graphic is changed in this game except for Mario himself.

I do recommend this overall, have fun!
Boshi171 Link
If it's true the store is useless, I also agree with Metballs, was I hitting the block ? To see that it was spacesvit and it didn't help me at all, it din't give me anything, the only thing I like is music and Toad Town 1/5
erpster2 Link
Originally posted by MegaSonic1999
The game crashes on every emulator after defeating counterfort boss, but the weird thing iswhen I saw videos about this game on youtube, it works normally with other players.
This game needs an uptdate!!!

that's because the youtube users were using older versions of the SMWCP1 game (and old versions of either snes9x or zsnes)

I have the old early 2011 version of this game (not the 1.6 version) where it does not crash in the counterfort level after beating the boss but it must be played in either snes9x 1.51 or zsnes 1.51; not in newer/accurate snes9x versions from 1.52 or higher and not in bsnes.

whatever fixes were attempted in newer versions seem to cause more problems in those versions, making things worse such as that game crashing problem in the counterfort stage. guess that's why I keep an old version of this.
 MaiK Link
agree with Metballs.
Metballs Link
Difficulty is very inconsistent, way too much item babysitting, item shop is almost completely pointless (seriously, who the hell is gonna pay 1000 coins for a 1up?), gets very unfair at times, janky custom bosses, hack breaks on every emulator so I had to find the version lordkronos played on.


I'm not gonna give this a rating, but if I had to, I would give this a 1/5. Definitely one of the worst hacks I've played so far
Proto Man Link
I really have great memories of this hack...but in hindsight, the levels are cluttered, the difficulty is way too inconsistent from level to level, and there's too much item babysitting. I love the aesthetics and music a lot though, for what it's worth.

The softlock at Counterfort's fortress level is really terrible. I can only finish the game after opening the level in Lunar Magic and adding a goal sphere. A hack should not require that to finish.
 Pokemon Hacker Link
That level in first screenshot is exactly one of the 2 levels that softlocks the game, huh ...
 Pokemon Hacker Link
Great romhack, but there's a huge problem. This hack softlocks at the Counterfort fortress level and also at the last tower level before bowsers castle. Therefore there's no chance of finishing the game
TheCowardlyBoy Link
eSTABA Buscando esta rom
MegaSonic1999 Link
The game crashes on every emulator after defeating counterfort boss, but the weird thing iswhen I saw videos about this game on youtube, it works normally with other players.
This game needs an uptdate!!!
Klayett Link
You spin me right round, baby, right round!
 RussianMan Link
NOTE! "The Counterfort" crashes game after defeating Boom-Boom, because of missing music file. That sucks very much.
benjausen Link
I couldn't finish this hack due to it's ridiculous difficulty curve.

 BTD6_maker Link
I use ZSNES 1.51 and the game crashes after Boom Boom. The same happens with Bsnes.
niko Link
Unfair, way too hard, some levels just bad, levels that not can be finished, bad bosses, bugs... wow.

MercuryPenny Link
this hack is only relevant as an example of a terrible hack, chances are it's not going to be updated

also what legacy section LOL
Kaisaan Link
Are they going to remove or update this? It could be moved to the legacy hacks.
 Erik Link
confirming that (both snes9x and bsnes too, they kill zmz)
Ambureon Link
ZSNES crashes when Boom Boom is defeated. :c I'm using v1.51, on Linux.
Perfecto Link
Excelente diseño de gráfico.

Me diverti jugando esto, fue toda una aventura.
erpster2 Link
it runs fine on zsnes 1.51 on my computer. what version of zsnes are you using, EpicRedToad101?
EpicRedToad101 Link
Why won't it work with zsnes????