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Super Mario World Hacks → Hack

Submission Details

Name: Hack
Author: Golden Yoshi
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 9 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: What?! After playing Funky for the 10,000th consecutive time, a secret key exit appeared. What could this be?
Tags: asm vanilla variety
Comments: 7 (jump to comments)
4.8 (11 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (7)

BearAndBoarFan Link
good game: fun fact: this game has 2 online emulators
6 Golden Coins Link
Dang man! This was another awesome hack that made it to my "favorites" list. #smw{:TUP:}

The level called "Far Out" really made me think about when I needed to spin jump (vs regular jump). Having the platforms change like that was super fun.

Also, even though the mechanic in the "Phat" wasn't new to me (falling through the bottom of the screen drops you out of the top of the screen), I really enjoyed it.

P.S. I never got my bonus rewards for beating the final level! #smw{^_^;}

*I wanted to mention that the screen flickered at the top for me a bit on the last level (well... the last 2 levels that were essentially identical). Still completely playable. I noticed that flickering kept going on when I got dropped back to the title screen. Once I pressed a button, the flicker went away. Anyway, I just thought I'd mention this as an FYI. For context, I'm playing these hacks with RetroPie using the defaults which was to use "lr-snes9x2010" for the emulator. I think the game is just as playable without fixing, but I thought I'd mention it just in case it helps to know.
Daizo Dee Von Link
Despite it being the earliest entry in the Hack Saga, there is a lot to like about this entry. It goes to show that even at the earliest days, Golden Yoshi knew just hnew to "hack", and is also arguably ahead of it's time considering the latest JUMP Team hacks really strive at the design seen here.

It's also interesting that this is the only "hack" of all of them (that I have played) to have a lives system, which was later ditched. Despite the lives, you're able to save on the overworld at any point, meaning this is the only entry where you could theoretically challenge yourself to not get a single game over. I also understand that since saving can be done so easily, it means there's no real punishment if you run out of lives besides waiting an extra 4 seconds before heading back to the overworld. You can see it both ways for sure, so this factor won't deduct my rating for the game.

The plot of this game suggests that this is a "secret secret world" as this hack's levels existed in SMW. You just have to play and beat "Funky" 10,000 times in a row to do so (without dying once I assume). Once you do that, a key and keyhole will spawn in the beginning of the stage. This is simply a hack that lets you skip the tedium and go straight to that part of SMW, or so this hack suggests.

As the plot alludes, each level is named after surfer terms, much like Super Mario World's special world. Every level contains a central gimmick with an info box explaining the rules you have to follow in order to pass the level successfully. These gimmicks range from no jumping, boo vs you races, luigi escort missions, on/off triggering by spinjumping, and much more. Unlike the other "hacks", most levels only contain one exit. It's all good stuff.

I also applaud the final level, "Epic". Not only does it challenge you with gimmicks you've already learned throughout the game, but it merges them together to create some unique obstacles. The only thing that does suck is
the actual final level "Uber Epic" makes you do a damage-less run similar to Grand Master Galaxy from SMG2.
It's not the most impossible thing in the world, it's just artificial difficulty. I can excuse it as this is the first of the series and there's going to be some "first game syndrome" included.

A well done first entry in the series. 5/5.
or, should it be 0/5 because this only bypasses the Funky secret exit and that these are all just re-releases of levels from the original game? Well, if my uncle can work for Nintendo, so can Golden Yoshi. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that these were his levels from 1990.
Mr. MS Link
Very very nice hack!
Z3N3K_ Link
Awsome Hack
NatsuFireball Link
Hello Golden Yoshi,

Your hack is very interesting, every level introduces a unique and fun concept. ASM hacks are used in a clever way, and graphics are colorful and fun.

Difficulty is well-balanced and the game can totally be beaten without using savestates. Thank you for putting a save point on the overworld, very useful (and so counts for the well-balanced difficulty).

10/10 (5 stars) Had a very good time, thank you =]
Don Lias Link
"HACK" is awesome! It's really fun and its gimmicks are interesting. Also, great YY-CHR on the Title Screen. However, I don't like the level in which you must collect the coins and they run out every second (even during the power-up transformation)!