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Wario World: Between The Dimensions

Super Mario World Hacks → Wario World: Between The Dimensions

Submission Details

Name: Wario World: Between The Dimensions
Author: SLBros.
Demo: Yes
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 7 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Easy
Description: Here's my first hack, Wario World: Between The Dimensions.

For another time, all of his fortune was stolen.
As a gentleman (but mainly because you have no other choice,) you have to get all your money back. But something else is going on here... Something big. What could it be?

So yeah, sadly this demo only has the first world. I'm not great with English, so spelling mistakes may be present during cutscenes. But, I think there are no major problems. As always, feedback is appreciated. I hope you'll enjoy my hack!

(This is the demo that was released at Spring C3 2011. As a demo, many elements are subject to change.)

fixme: music breaks on accurate emulators
Tags: asm exgfx health music story wario
Comments: 9 (jump to comments)
3.5 (13 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (9)

Vortoxium Link
Fun hack overall with a cool artstyle and some unique gimmicks.
The boss of Castle 1 was kinda meh though as you would basically automatically lose if you don't arrive with enough health as hitting the enemies without getting hit yourself is pretty much impossible.

Another unpleasant thing was the audio bugging out on Snes9x so I had to switch to ZSNES, though that wasn't really that much of a problem.
Apart from that everything else was pretty solid. I had a good time with this ROM Hack.
SirMystic Link
Despite having to play this hack on ZSNES, this hack isn't too bad. It has aged a bit since it's release but the buildup to the lore and the few levels this demo has are fun for the most part. Would've really liked to see the finished product #smw{:peace:}
MarioMMaster Link
Has aged...
SwagSheep Link
Theresy Link
I ran into a lot of issues trying to play this. The music is very glitched and when patched to the .smc rom of SMW it would not work past the third level on Super NT or BSNES. However I was able to complete it after patching to the .sfc rom. There were a lot of creative ideas here, would be cool if it got an update.
aaa Link
its almost been 10 years where is demo 2
Holy Shinx Link
short, but great, secret not too hidden so it wasn't irritating, healthbar allowed me to ignore one or two cases of bad enemy placement, it was awesome (and i loved cave story music)
Manperson Link
This game would have been very good. unfortunately it did not work for me. the music kept bugging out, and then it would go silent and the next pipe or area i enetered into, the game froze. I dont know why this happened, but i was unable to play the hack 2/5 for amazing graphics