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Ninji Jump Alpha

Super Mario World Hacks → Ninji Jump Alpha

Submission Details

Name: Ninji Jump Alpha
Author: 1UPdudes
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 5 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Got 10-20 minutes? Why not try out Ninji Jump? This small 5 level demo lets you play as a Ninji through some "vanilla"-ish levels with the controls been all "Ninji-fied."

This is a small teaser to what the full version will be. Don't let the name "Alpha" scare you, it just means a lot of this hack could change when the full version is released. Have fun!

Also it'd be advised to read that lovely "Read Me". :3 Cheers!
Tags: asm enemy ninji physics vanilla
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