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Details for Mario's Treasure Hunt 2
Super Mario World Hacks - Mario's Treasure Hunt 2 Link - Show random
File Name: Mario's Treasure Hunt 2
Authors: MaiK
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 75 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal

I didn't show a lot of the hack in the screenshots. I want it to be a surprise what you'll see in this hack. You'll see:
-A lot of self drawn gfx
-24 custom Boss fights
-Some never seen gimmicks
-Custom ASM stuff
-2 selfmade Ports

I used:
-Lunar Magic
-Lunar IPS

I'd like to hear/read your opinion to this hack.
There is also a Solution of the secret exits in a .txt file.
The Exit-Counter will say "75" or anything like that, but you can be sure that you found it all!

Note: This hack is confirmed to have broken music (echo issues).
Tags: asm, bosses, exgfx, fixme, music, original graphics
Rating: 4.3 (Votes: 15)
Download: Download - 1.18 MiB
I played this hack years ago and it was so remarkable that I had to come and play again and I still love it
There's a ton of influences from DKC trilogy wich were very well executed and the secret exits are always well placed and creative
Posted by: segredo - | Link
Same shit
Posted by: DAVID1 - | Link
lets start with things i dont like.

the "custom" bosses basically are split in a group of 12 and 12.
either you jump on them
or you wait for stones/shells to drop and throw at them. kinda boring.

i dont like that switch palaces basically do nothing besides helping you get a flower coin or some extra "coins".

no fire flower/feather. i understand no feather and i kinda understand no fire flower (cause you always start with 0 coins in a level) but meh...

enemys: they really look nice but there are like 5 enemys used. goombas, koopas, chucks, pockeys and thwombs. they look different yes but its meh.

SOME level design. in the ice castle you have to push i think 4 blocks to continue the level and all 4 are just "push and dodge shit" its boring and takes forever and ugh

too many secret exits in a row.
just finished a red level, leads me to another level with 2 exits. and both of those exits lead me again to 2 level with secret exits. its just too much in a row sometimes.

small things that bother me: i always pick 2 player to play as mario and luigi and certain things are just "mario" even tho you play luigi.

things i truely like a lot:
never need to carry a switch/springboard/key throught half of the level
key + keyhole always close together
you see a key in the level name if it has a secret exit (its a small thing but i like it)
big level = miniboss
level design overall is cool.
overworld is at least 9/10

overall i have to say, if you dont mind a low amount of enemys, powerups and variety (some levels are just 4-5 rooms full with the same enemy) this is a great hack. its not too hard not too easy, levels look nice and mostly play nice.
but sadly A TON of potencial is missed.

3/5 cause of beautiful graphics etc otherwise would be 2/5

ps: it may sound stupid but i love the .txt file that tells you about the secret exits. only had to use it 2 times in the entire hack, but its still a great thing to have cause i wanna see everything of the hack

pps: if you ever make a part 3 (im german btw just saying) then send me a pm i'd love to play a demo for you and tell you what might be "wrong"
Posted by: kaitri - | Link
NSFW Warning. If you are sensitive to blood and gore. Don't play this hack. There is a Switch Palace level that has S.S. Koopa in it that involved a lot of deaths and killers that stabbed through the Koopas inside the ship.

(Don't mind me. I am just looking out for you hackers. ;) )

Great hack by the way, MaiK.

Posted by: Zack-san - | Link
H.carrell on an ipad
I can no longer get sample tool
Posted by: H.carrell on an ipad - | Link
quite a good hack probably one of the best hacks on the site even though it was a bit old. a few problems like the giant hammer bro boss and the item box but still good. some music does break in some emulators. but some of the music was very good like the end credits.
the last level was not overdone like some hacks overall a very good hack.
Posted by: werd - | Link
Hello MaiK,

What a great game ! Graphics are magnificent and so is the overworld, very well-thought. Loved the music too, some pieces are very touching and brought me back sweet memories, such as Power Rangers =] Your level design is one of my favorites, especially the idea of triple-jump in the last level of star world and the last level of the game with the 8 puzzle pieces to bring back to be granted the final fight !

The difficulty is very well-balanced, I found all exits without using savestates. Some levels to the end tend to be tough but it's OK with some skills. The counter at title screen shows 75, but it seems that there are more than that in total though. If I'm right, I counted 84. Maybe the 9 castle exits are not counted in the total ?

10/10 (5 stars) Thank you =]
Posted by: NatsuFireball - | Link
I really like this hack, but there are some compatibility issues with my system. I primarily use super everdrive instead of an emulator (I'll never give up my SNES!).

Using super everdrive, I cannot access any of the star worlds. I am able to get to the star world, but whenever I enter a level the screen goes black and then nothings happens (I need to restart he nintendo to get back to the game).

Starting around world 3 the sounds/music occasionally glitch and stop working. It always happen when I start a level and the only way to get sound back is to restart the nintendo.

Upon finishing random levels (or dying) the screen goes black and the game does not resume until the nintendo is restarted.

I understand I am in an extreme minority here using super everdrive, but I just wanted to make you and anyone else aware of the issues. I have thoroughly enjoyed this hack so far. I might even give it a shot in zsnes once my USB snes controller arrive so I can get into the star worlds.
Posted by: kvbriggs - | Link

MUSICS (5/10): Many of your musics have unbalanced volume, and there are many unfitting musics, mainly on castles.


GRAPHICS (9.5/10): As good as on your previous game. But this time you used a cave background painted in colors that made your levels confused.


LEVELS (4/10): Almost same problems from the previous game too. Your use of switches were less annoying, but more frequent.
Your variety of enemies in overall is very low. Most levels you use 2 or 3 different enemies per level, or sometimes even 1 enemy. In overall, you used a low amount of different enemies in the whole game.
Your levels don't change much while you progress on them. It's like you do a situation and repeat it over and over until the level ends. For example, you create some hills with pokeys. In next screen, there are hill with pokeys and a hole. Next, you climb a hill with pokeys, and after that, you go down the hill with pokeys. This happens a lot, and ruins the fun of the game.
Your castle levels are complete filled with ball'n chains and thwomps. Those two are probably 90%+ of all enemies you used in castles.
You still very good at creating different scenarios, but some of them you just didn't explore your own idea, like Floating Temple, which is just a few platforms with koopas and thwomps, as usual. This also applies to the Toy House level, where the only toys are a car (which also appear as a real car later) and a teddy bear.
Sometimes, you used a foreground on some levels that were closer to us then Mario, but still it moves a lot slower then it should. That was very annoying. And most of them felt weird.

-Buried Labyrinth: (BUG) If you have a power-up here, get hit and while the item is falling you defeat the boss, somehow the game will read it as a sprite on the screen, and the level will never end.
-Down in the Sewers, Haunted Pkmn Museum: If you just stand still, without doing anything, the bosses will eventually defeat themselves.
-Mountaineering, Spooky Night, Giant Waterfall, S.S. Koopa: Those levels had a great ambient. Gratz.

So, once again, the levels were not a surprise. Many times you feel your just playing a previous level with another tileset.


OVERWORLD (10/10): Well done, and matches the scenario of the levels.


STORY (1.5/10) Too bad you didn't follow your plot this time. The treasure was stolen, Mario don't find a single treasure on the game, the final boss once again comes from nowhere without any explanation, you never get to know who stole it. So, considering the story, the game makes no sense at all.


FUN FACTOR (4/10): At the beggining, you don't know what to expect. But after you play, you just realize the game is all the same thing. No surprises, no enemy variation, always the same traps with switches, not much fun, but at least you don't need savestates to complete the game.


FINAL NOTES: Pretty much the same from your previous game. But I actually would say the first one was a better game than this one. Probably because I didn't know your level style, and playing this is exactly the same as playing the other.


OVERALL (5.6/10)
Recommend only if you like the first one. If you didn't like it, then don't play it. This one is more like an expansion pack than a new game.
Posted by: mangolo - | Link

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