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Mario Wants His Lemonade

Super Mario World Hacks → Mario Wants His Lemonade

Submission Details

Name: Mario Wants His Lemonade
Author: Gamma V
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 9 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Easy
Description: This is a 9-level mini-hack I did as a side-project to take a break from Mario & Luigi: Starlight Island Adventure. It has some ExGFX, simple custom sprites, custom music, and minimal ASM.
Tags: asm exgfx music traditional
Comments: 9 (jump to comments)
4.4 (13 ratings)
No rating
Download 131.33 KiB | 4,840 downloads


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Comments (9)

Mario checks virus Link
JetWing34 Link
Excellent ROM hack!

I have a full playthrough of this ROM hack on YouTube. Be sure to check it out, and subscribe to my channel if you enjoyed the video!
skullsmasher375 Link
This was a really fun chill hack!
Koop the Koopa Link
gimme lemonade or die.
edwinmusic Link
Mario's lemon tree! ;) Fools Garden ;)
Batata Douce Link
Why you stole Mario's limonade, Roy?
 RussianMan Link
This hack is small but fun to play!
Graphically this is mostly vanilla, with a few exgfx. Mixing tilesets of vanilla and custom graphics done well and looks pleasant.
There are practically no asm, expect of Sharkbait shores, that use custom enemies.
There are lot of nice custom music.
Difficulty is... easy. Yes, levels get's harder with every level, but only a tiny bit.
If you want fun, but short hack, this hack for you.

Thwomping Kittens Link
Another fun hack by Gamma V. The level designs are brilliant, everything is very well presented. Good custom music and some custom graphics/enemies. My only complaint would be that the final castle is a little too difficult in places but other than that it feels like an authentic Mario game. 5/5
Daizo Dee Von Link
This is a great hack for anyone who likes a fair challenge! When I saw Evilguy's review of the hack (In YouTube), I knew that I was going to enjoy every second of it and I did. This is one of those hacks where it starts out nice and simple, then it starts a little bit complex but still keeping the same vibe as the previous level.

Level Design: 9/10
Like I said before, all the levels where great! Each level became slightly harder then the previous, but still keeping a fair difficulty curve. Its great if your beginning to play SMW Hacks on emulators. The last two levels where the top of the tip on difficulty, which is great because I personally like final levels and challenges (However I did die like 7 times on those two levels, heh). It was really fun, I even challenged myself to collect ALL the Yoshi Coins and that was a really fun thing to do in this hack, unlike others where you need to beat a whole level without dieing just to get 5 or 4 Yoshi Coins (And frustrating at times).

There where a few Shell Kicking Koopas that just showed up suddenly and hit me with no warning at all, but after a while, it became common and I gotten used to it so new skills have been gained while playing this hack too! =D

Graphics: 7.5/10
All the graphics really fitted well together in all the levels. Everything flowed together and stayed in 1 style in the whole game, and it is clever to change Mario's palette so he's more "Classic" (I must admit, I never actually seen anyone do that so nicely).

However one level had some graphics cutoff pretty much in a few places. That would be Marine Mayham. First, you used the transparent colour instead of black for the outline on the sea shells graphics in the ground, also noticed some cutoff in a few places like wall tiles.

Music: 10/10
I loved the soundtrack in this hack. I think you chose the perfect track for everything. Yes, the title screen, the intro, the overworld, the levels, Roy himself, everything. I have no complaints on the music at all. =)

ASM: 2/10
There wasn't really any ASM, but I can tell you that the gimmick of Roy's Castle was used very nicely (even though its from the original SMW).

Overworld: 9/10
The overworld is very nice, lots of effort put into it. It has nice palettes, nice design, interesting places and more. I don't really have any complaints other then the paths can be a bit confusing but its not horrible. Also for some reason when you complete Frosty Frolic, you can't just go to Roy's Castle unless you actually go to it and same for Roy's Castle. Great job!

Story: 6.5/10
The story speaks for it self, Roy stole your Lemonade and you have to get your drink back. I don't know if Mario really did get his Lemonade back or Roy drank it all before Mario destroyed him. Its original, a little silly really.

All in all, this hack is one of the best hack I've played since Brutal Mario (Yes, I like Brutal Mario, deal with it) and Mario Gives Up 2. If anyone wants a fair challenge, this hack is definitely for you!