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ZMZ v1.08

Tools → ZMZ v1.08

Submission Details

Name: ZMZ v1.08
Authors: Alcaro, The ZSNES team
Operating System: Windows
Platforms: SNES
Games: General
Source Available: Yes
Featured: No
Website: None
Description: ZMZ combines the GUI of ZSNES with a Libretro backend; this allows people who like ZSNES' interface but dislike its poor emulation accuracy to get the best of both worlds.

It ships with an intermediate Snes9x version (newer than 1.53) by default; if it's too slow, try Snes9x-Next, or if you prefer bsnes, grab one from the same source. Note that some features, like layer toggle and SPC dumping, may not work with non-default cores.

It is also only compatible with x86 cores; ignore x86_64 cores even if you have a 64bit cpu. To switch core, go to Misc->Libretro.
Tags: emulator
Comments: 47 (jump to comments)
4.4 (33 ratings)
No rating
Download 1.95 MiB | 29,159 downloads


Comments (47)

tritandiejfh Link
how does this work with other mods cause all it shows when i press load is the files inside of the file folder for this but when I tried to type in another mod it just went completely black.
Diego13 Link
It is possible to rip graphics using ZMZ. To see the updates, I may play the other I did. When I do, I comedically reveal the sprites.
Vegetto 577.02 Link
Voy usar este emulador creo que me va a gustar porq es una fucion de Snes9x y Zsnes haber como es este emulador
Alexdroide177 Link
This emulator is very cool, it is a zsnes and at the same time snes9x #smw{:TUP:}
HammerBrother Link
Not sure if this is a bug, I've experience the emulator that every time I start the program, it takes very long to load before appearing, this is after a while after using it a bunch of times. I didn't change settings besides these:
Speed options:
Max frame skip: 0
FastFwd ratio: x30
Slowdwn ratio: /2
~ fast foward
--- slow down
= + EMU speed
SPC reset speed
- - EMU speed
P pause game
B INCR frame

Save options:
Save: tab
Load: w
Pic: F3
Rewind: Q

I don't know if the software is bloating, or saving more and more data into the software. I don't play a ton of hacks and once in a blue moon, I download a new hack.
enmanuelgaiming2020 Link
i used zsnes and this feels like zsnes
mish1 Link
My favourite GBA emulator
Vallenatero2020 Link
Excellent emulator. I tried Super Mario All-Stars in ZMZ and saw the advantages of playing the Snes9x style within the ZSNES interface:

In ZSNES, in Super Mario Bros. (worlds 4-1, 6-1 and 8-2) and Super Mario Bros .: The Lost Levels, (worlds 4-1 and 4-2), Lakitu's eggs are glitched, however in ZMZ it is no longer possible.

Another example is in Super Mario Bros. 3: In worlds 3-3, 3-8 and 4-2, if you play them in ZSNES, garbage black squares appear, but in ZMZ the bug is already fixed.
galladegamer Link
galladegamer Link
What's a libretro core!? How do I load it!?
El Cuh Fermin Link
This is still working fine. I used this since December 2019.
Kepler Link
Does not work, still has the same issues like zsnes 1.51,same inaccurate sounds.
Fusoya zsnes emulator did a much better than zmz for accuracy.

Not worth it for all super nintendo, super famicom games.
shy man Link
h.carrell Link
more accurate ;)
Atomicatoms Link
For some reason, the emulator is not recognizing any other x86 cores I placed in there. Could be a bug? Please fix this!

I do like the emulator interface and that is better to use this than the original ZSNES.
Araiguma Kiruno Link
i replaced ZSNES because it was not recommended,but i love the interface because it was simple....thank god theres other recommended emulator that has same interface ZMZ!,it even supports my old cfg file from ZSNES,good work
Erikas0012 Link
Most hacks don't work with this, just like Snes9x.

Audio stutter/buzzing, and crash when level ends.
nlxt Link
I'm sorry but I'm staying with ZSNES since this is terrible for me> :(
carinha do discord Link
best emulator
HammerBrother Link
There is a resolution bug if you hook your PC to an HDMI to display on your TV, and set your pc display to “Show only on 2” on “Multiple Displays”, causes the emulator to be scaled, but says the same number of pixels for width and height. For example, I set the emulator to 256x224, if I try to do a gif recording and set the resolution to 256x224, the windows don't match:

Final Theory Link
My norton doesnt like ZMZ, fu*k you norton anti virus.
KBY30 Link
you must be new here, hey?
i dont know a original name Link
How do i download SNES ROMs and where do i put them'
Green Jerry Link
You need to download a SNES ROM to play a game.

Once you have downloaded your SNES ROM, run ZMZ, click on GAME, then LOAD, and find your SNES ROM.

Your SNES ROMs should be saved at your downloads folder.
i dont know a original name Link
How do i put a game?
I start of with no built in games
Alcaro Author Link
try using a better emulator LOL
 Erik Link
ever used zsnes?
HammerBrother Link
Nasty bug: you have access and control on that window even if you have the other window selected, even when in front of it.
Nintendo Maniac 64 Link
The bad audio quality that "niko" below alludes to is actually the poor audio synchronization that characteristic of the ZSNES program interface. In other words, ZSNES has the very same issue.

However, the actual SNES audio hardware emulation is flawless (unlike ZSNES).
 Erik Link
try using a better emulator LOL
niko Link
Really Bad Audio Quality.

If someone tell me how to fix i give a higher rating, but i try a lot and give up.
 Koopster Link
If it's been accepted onto the database, it's safe.
J-Wolf17FTW Link
Will the emulator have viruses in it?
racknae Link
Audio crackles for some reason.
gootube2000 Link
It works great! I am curious, however, if there are any plans on including netplay.
 Telinc1 Link
By the way, of out pure curiosity, I loaded in an NES core from Libretro to see what would happen and I was quite astounded.

Edit: It also works with Metroid Fusion and Metroid: Zero Mission (VBA-Next core); Tetris and Mike Tyson's Punch Out (FCE Ultra core). NES games are stretched to the point of being unplayable, but work. It crashed marvelously with the two DS ROMs (Ace Attorney: T&T and Brain Age, with a DeSmuMe core) and any Pokémon ROM I tried and it black screened on Life and Death 2: The Brain (DOSBox core, not that I expected it to run). So yeah, you can use this as quite the good GBA emulator. NES too if you find a way to fix the screen resolution.
HammerBrother Link
I notice that the L+R/U+D D-pad option doesn't work. When holding left AND right, the player simply walks right, which is normal, but when riding yoshi, the glitch is supposed to make yoshi keeps turning around as he "slides to the right".
HackerBros360 Link

it wont let me open it.
kianworld Link
It's like the best of both worlds. The good UI and speed of ZSNES and the accuracy of SNES9X/BSNES. Sometimes the sound snaps, crackles, and pops, though.
 Masterlink Link
False positive. Add it to your exception list.
Mario3andU Link
When I try and download it, AVG always detects a virus on it! Why is that?
WhatTheHack Link
I tried it, and I must say, pretty good for accuracy and stability, but the audio in my opinion is step back from ZSNES because it crackles constantly, and is very irritating. I know for a fact that other users are experiencing the exact same issue, as I read this emulator's tool release thread. But is there any setting that would fix or at least lessen the audio problems? If not I shall learn to tolerate it as best I can.
WhatTheHack Link
Alright, I am giving this a try right now! Hopefully this will have less irritating issues than ZSNES had...
 xHF01x Link
The recording function is completely broken. Or I'm just too dumb to use it properly^^
But what it does: It takes my input and when I press "PLAY" it does just, nothing^^
Wingzero007 Link
Testing with bsnes mercury diggin the bsnes improvements. It litterally won't recognize this core >_> wtf?
HammerBrother Link
Found a problem: the recording function in the misc menu is broken, after you record, hitting ”play" button doesn't play what you have recorded, rather play afterwards. Unlike ZSNES. Another problem is that the fast forward is much slower than ZSNES, even when the max frame skip is the highest value possible.
xFlames Link
Verified that this WILL work on Wine on Ubuntu 14.04/Linux Mint 17.1 -TESTED- not sure about other non-ubuntu distros although I think it should. =P